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discover the rest on your own.




  Amazing Rock Balancing Sculptures


Stone Balance Demo -- April 2014 -- Michael Grab (Gravity Glue)

I have posted numerous Rock Balancing Sculpture photos inside this Truther Research Library Group & on my personal page during the past few years. I often get troll comment responses that the rocks are glued together; the photos are photoshopped/cgi/fake; or that is a fucking lie since it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do.

I Woke Up to the Flat Earth reality back in 2012 after trying to debunk it for 18 months straight. This is a very gifted talent that requires centering the energy force & grounding the rocks to the earth. Since for most people, SEEING IS BELIEVING, then here are several structures being built & filmed for the FE trolls.

Society is brainwashed to beLIEve the earth is an upside down, spinning ball that has rocks, water & air sticking to it, yet insects, animals, humans, etc. don't stick to it. NASA & science tells you that the earth is spinning at 1,040 mph, the earth is going around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, and our solar (soul-lure) system is flying through the universe at 1.3 million mph, and so on because of a Big Bang. NASA & science tells us the earth is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference so the so-called curve of the earth is 8 inches per mile squared; YET no curvature can be seen, has never been measured, or has never been "actually" photographed. In fact, the North Star (Polaris) has never shown 1 degree of parallax (aka movement) in all of recorded history. The horizon is HORIZONtal, & we see level at sea level, and use the terms air PLANE & plane sailing because we live on a flat, motionless, 3rd dimensional plane of existence. No human or rocket has ever gone to outer space, because it is impossible to do so. Time to Wake Up. Please, do your own research.


Do you REALLY think this incredibly beautiful art could be accomplished on a globe earth spinning at over 1,000 mph?

Additional Research

Gleason's New Standard Map of the World (This is the map used in all public schools until 1915). You can download the Gleason's New Standard Map of the World in printer friendly size, full size, or zoom in on it online using the FULL SCREEN link without downloading it. [IT IS AWESOME USING THE FULL SCREEN VIEW AND THEN ZOOMING IN.]http://maps.bpl.org/id/15442


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