If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed, and you may

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The reason that all of these Freemason Nasholes are still alive and well is because NASA has never gone to outer space using rocket powered space crafts. Yes, you heard that correctly. NASA is a annual, multi-billion dollar hoax organization that was created for the sole purpose of reinforcing the spinning, ball earth lie to the masses, while hiding their true secret inter-dimensional space programs. The NASA dog & pony show "fake" space program goes hand-in-hand with hiding the Flat Earth Reality. Yes, you heard that correctly too. The earth is a flat, motionless, 3rd dimensional plane or realm. In fact the flat earth was even taught in all public schools until 1915.



SPACE - The area or air space between sea level & the firmament or dome.
OUTER SPACE - The area or water space outside the firmament or dome.
DEEP SPACE - The area or land & water space below sea level.

NASA is 100% complete BS.

Rocket powered crafts do not go to outer space. We have never landed on the moon with rocket crafts, no Apollo astronaut has EVER walked on the moon, there are no satellites in outer space, the International Space Station (ISS) is located in the National Buoyancy Lab (a swimming pool) at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, the Mars rovers are actually located in Canada and Greenland, the earth is flat with a dome above it, the sun & moon are very close, the sun & moon are holographic light sources attached to or located right near the top of the dome, the earth does not spin at all, and the stars we look at in the night sky are holograms attached to the dome or projected onto the dome. We do have secret space programs, ETs and/or inter-dimensional beings are real, ET and/or inter-dimensional space crafts are real, BUT NASA is completely & utterly fake.

Space is the area, atmosphere, & space from ground/sea level to the top of the dome.

Outer space is whatever lies outside the dome, and it appears it is likely water rather than a vacuum.

I am a retired 28 year veteran of the military and a retired 33 year deputy sheriff. The photos of the Challenger astronauts are the real deal photos. You can run age progression photo software on them using only the 1986 photos, or you can compare the current photo with the 1986 photo and they come up as positive hits in the high end of the 90 percentile range. You can look at these photos for yourself with your own eyes, and you should be able to easily see these are not look-a-likes, these are the exact same fracking people.

Most people then ask why were these astronauts not in the shuttle when it took off, and the answer is that no astronauts are ever in any rockets that are launched into our atmosphere. The rockets are simply shot up on an arc (not to hit the firmament also known as the dome) and they splash down in a remote (pre-planned) ocean location. The astronauts that never go up in the rockets, then are secretly taken from Cape Canaveral to the Johnson Space Center in Texas where they are housed in the military guarded private & remote housing for the multi-week shuttle trip or the year long trip to the fake ISS. When time to come back to earth, a shuttle (which is nothing more than a disguised jet that takes off from a remote air base and comes in for a normal jet landing). Shuttle crafts could never glide in a million years, they are too heavy and their wings are too small. If you don't believe me, the info is shown in the Biggest Lie of All video, or simply look at any glider in use today and you can figure it out for yourself. Many countries including Russia and China are all part of this entire BS charade with these public space programs, while they all work together in the secret space programs. The secret space programs use inter-dimensional crafts that are able to raise there frequencies/vibrations and leave the 3rd dimension.


We do have a Secret Space Program (SSP) and the Military Industrial ET Complex (MIEC). These agencies have built inter-dimensional space crafts with the help of back-engineered ET crafts as well as ET hand-me-downs. These inter-dimensional crafts such as the TR3B can raise their frequency/vibration and simply blink out of this dimension. These are the only space crafts we have that can actually leave this 3rd dimensional plane. Once again, the 1940s rocket powered space crafts can not leave the dome protected, 3rd Dimension plane called earth because they can not leave the dome to go into outer space.

I have lots and lots more evidence if you truly want to awaken to the truth of fake NASA or the fake spinning ball earth. If cognitive dissonance gets the best of you, go ahead and call me crazy, call all the evidence & proof as fake, and then go back outside and shove your head in the sand. I can only bring you the truth, you have to view it, read it, absorb it, and un-program yourself from nothing but pure lies coming from government. Nobody can do it for you, only you can do it for yourself. I know this is much more TRUTH than 75% of the masses (aka sheeple & sleepers) can handle. BUT if (that's a pretty big if these days! ~JB) you have common sense, and open mind, critical thinking skills, and you can handle the cognitive dissonance you will experience, you too can acquire consciousness expansion and break free from current status of living in a world of lies. The info I posted here is but a drop in the bucket on what I have posted for any and all naysayers. These links are but a glimpse at all of the proof that NASA is fake, and the earth is a flat, motionless plane.

Lastly I want to state that literally EVERYTHING you have ever been taught by government is pure lies. Many more truths that I am not even covering in this single write up about the FAKE deaths of the 1986 Challenger Shuttle Crew.



Photo of the 1986 Challenger Shuttle Crew

Photo of the 1986 Challenger Shuttle Crew Then and Now

Gleason's New Standard Map of the World (dated 1892). This map was used in public schools until 1915.

You can download the Gleason's New World Map of the World in printer friendly size, full size, or zoom in on it online using the FULL SCREEN link without downloading it. [IT IS AWESOME USING THE FULL SCREEN VIEW AND THEN ZOOMING IN.]https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:7h149v85z

The Biggest Lie of All. NASA lies and the Flat Earth. (Many people have awaken to both NASA being fake and the earth being flat by watching this one video.) Most of you believe the earth is a spinning ball hurling through space and this video linked here is more truthful info than you were ever taught about in public schools.

True flight paths of all Shuttle missions

Fake ISS model that they use to film the fake ISS space footage in front of green screens.

Fake ISS hologram that you will see if you look for the ISS with a telescope.

This is as close as any astronaut has ever been to walking on the moon, or riding in space buggies on the moon.

More moon buggy BS. They never hauled this thing to space (they couldn't even strap it to the lunar lander) and they could never rebuild it on the moon in an entire week. Who hauled up all the tools? Why not a single photo of the 2 astronauts in the process of building the damn thing on the moon. (What a joke.)
Apollo 16 Rover on Moon Hoax Exposed

This wording was in the comments section of the YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7venlJBKy8&list=PLXTH0umrilicaOQssY8dQ6f6ALewxbASn&index=65

S.H. YouTube has FULLY Demonetized this channel, i will continue with or without the little moneys that did come in, however if you wish to donate to this channel you can find the link on the top right of this channel in the header/cover or by using this link - https://www.paypal.me/KKDonate These images & videos were taken on Earth in a dome-shaped studio location where movable panorama backgrounds were installed, and even treated afterwards by further adjustment in a photographic lab. http://www.aulis.com/stereoparallax.htm MOON HOAX NASA'S DUMMY AND NASA'S SUCKERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsL-o... Hollywood Moon Magic "Apollo Hoax" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SfEU...

This is the only real ISS which is located in the bottom of a giant pool at the Johnson Space Center. This is where all space walks are filmed. This is why we often see bubbles leaving the astronauts suits. This is also why the astronauts are housed at the Johnson Space Center during any fake space missions.

Faked ISS Clip From US Government Agency NASA

NASA astronaut slips up when talking live to a person in Maine while supposedly on the ISS. He says that they are on the other side of the country, why?, because they are in Texas.
https://www.youtube.com/watch… (YOUTUBE ACCOUNT TERMINATED)

NASA astronaut getting ready for a space walk.

NASA admits they do not post real images of the earth (all photos are fake composites). Supposedly we have been to space in rockets numerous times, and NOT ONE REAL PHOTO OF EARTH FROM SPACE HAS EVER BEEN TAKEN.
https://www.youtube.com/watch… (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE)

NASA films the mars rovers in Greenland and Canada. They use these remote locations because they need to hide all of their fakery. If they wanted to simply test rovers, they could do that anywhere in the southwest on any military base or at the Johnson Space Center.
https://www.youtube.com/watch… (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE)

Stars are not Suns. This is close up telescopic photos of the things we call suns.

This is the only photo that NASA claims is a real earth photo from outer space. They freely admit all other photos of earth are composites. The problem with this photo is they forgot that if the moon is 4 to 5 times smaller than the earth, and if they were actually on the moon taking a photo of earth, the earth would fill the entire sky since it is 4 to 5 times larger than the moon. They screwed up and made the earth look the same size as the moon in the sky. Think people think! This one photo alone proves they never went to the moon and they do not go to outer space in rocket crafts.

NASA Dog & Pony Show Space Program
https://www.youtube.com/playlist… (PLAYLIST DOES NOT EXIST)

Flat Earth Evidence (Lots and lots of proof, you should be wide awake by the time you finish the first 5 videos, unless you are hopelessly beyond being able to awaken)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist… (PLAYLIST DOES NOT EXIST)

Lunar Wave / Holographic Moon (Lots of lunar wave videos showing the moon is a holographic light source, not a rock you can land on & walk on)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist… (PLAYLIST DOES NOT EXIST)

The Sun Is Cold, Electrical, Dark, Space Portal (the sun and moon are both holographic light sources, they are the same size, they are the same distance above earth)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist… (PLAYLIST DOES NOT EXIST)

Secret Space Program (SSP) & Military Industrial ET Complex (MIEC)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist… (PLAYLIST DOES NOT EXIST)




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