If you take the RED pill, your current reality will be destroyed.
You may lose most of your unawakened friends. Expect it.
But once you learn the TRUTH, you can't unlearn it!
You will have to discover the rest on your own.




*** Songs by Flat Earth Man ***



The idea that the earth is flat is probably at first thought one of the most ridiculed concepts anyone can mention. It is synonymous with, moron, idiot and other derogatory terms and met with anger at times.

Some questions I have are, why do people dismiss and attack the idea of a FLAT EARTH? What proof do they have that we live on a spinning ball flying through infinite space?

Most people, including myself, when first presented with the idea refuse to even look at any of it. We believe we have all the proof needed to KNOW we live on a ball earth and will dismiss it without further thought. It’s not until we get annoyed enough with the FLAT EARTH nonsense that we try to prove that the earth is indeed a globe and that is when our lives are flipped upside down.

We DO NOT live on a spinning ball!


(Or as Crrow says, "Belief is the Enemy of Knowing")

We have two options in life. We can believe what we are taught and what we are told or we can venture out on our own and look for answers ourselves. When we look into these groups that we are told to listen to and the groups responsible for our education curriculum and we find untruths and a solid bias toward one particular viewpoint, then that should be a huge sign that it might behoove us to look further into a few of these things. If you begin to search and the more you do, the more deceptions you uncover, you may reach a point like many of us, where it no longer is an option but it has become incumbent on you as a human being to look into everything that we are told to believe. Rich and powerful men run the World. They run the World Banks, the large Corporations and they are in the pockets of the Politicians. Therefore, it is your responsibility to hold these people accountable for the things that they have taught you. If we are being lied to, we deserve to know and we have a duty and a right to scream it from rooftops and to end any attempt to subvert that duty. You are responsible for your beliefs. If you are happy taking the word of those who couldn't care less about you as fact, that is your choice. I choose to be responsible for my beliefs no matter how stupid the world may have been taught my beliefs may be. The truth is the truth even if no one believes it and a lie is a lie even if 7 billion people believe it very strongly and think they believe it from a spinning space ball. But it is up to you, all I remind you is to do your own research because when you do, you'll never again believe what you've been taught. (This has been written all while traveling 0 mph and spinning 0°)

Jeran from Jeranism.com

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