If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed,

and you will lose most of your unawakened friends.

Once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it.

You have been warned.


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  • AIDS is a man-made virus?
  • Cancer is cureable?
  • 9/11 was an inside job?"
  • The Federal Reserve owns America?
  • Your food is full of chemicals & Drugs?
  • The history you know has been whitewashed and altered?
  • Vaccinations contain toxic ingredients that have been linked to Autism, cancer & Death?
  • Bill Gates is behind the Ebola vaccination and worldwide depopulation?
  • Government controls the weather with HAARP?
  • Isis is a creation of the USA and Israel?

UPDATE 2/14/20

"A group member notified me last night that my entire YouTube Channel has now been removed too. I checked and verified this is true. I had hundreds of videos in about 50 different playlists that covered all Truths, and they are now all gone. Truth is the New Hate Speech, and the US government can & does do anything they want. Humans have no Freedoms or Free Will on earth, only Illusions of such things.

I had my YouTube Channel since the first 6 months after it went live on the internet. It may be too late for new Truthers to have access to enough Truther research to even achieve Consciousness Awareness nowadays. IT MIGHT ALREADY BE TOO LATE FOR MOST. Anyone that thinks mankind "already" won the war against the Illuminati's New World Order Agenda simply went from Sheeple to Zombie status. " ~SERGEANT MAJOR

Well, there you have it folks. A very sad day indeed. Very fitting for the date on which it occurred. (Truthers will know what I mean.)

There is so much more to this puzzle than you can even imagine.

If you've come here to learn, then congratulate yourself because you have beat the odds. Despite what the naysayers say, YOU are the INTELLIGENT one. Don't ever forget that. As SERGEANT MAJOR puts it, "The people that are targeted (as in gang stalking) are Truthers, highly intelligent people that have real knowledge, whistleblowers, educators not teaching government approved lesson plans, scientists not researching government authorized and sanctioned topics, people with higher functioning mental or physical gifts and abilities, and others that are waking up from the Matrix Control System." Yes, they exist, but they are only a small number of the population. (See "EX-SECURITY OPERATIVE EXPLAINS GANG STALKING TACTICS & MOTIVES" for more information on gang stalking.)

I'm tired of trying to wake people up. The house is on fire, but if people can't wake up but actively fight their rescue, then I don't know what to say. But I will continue to share what I find.

So, have you ever felt you were treated unfairly in a social group, forum, or other setting? Join the club! It's not at all uncommon and there are many reasons for it. Some of them include ego and control issues which can be subtle until the people in control feel threatened for some reason, and it's like a punch in the gut that the victim never saw coming or he it saw it but was helpless to do anything about it, all the while the perpetrator continues his own rationale convincing himself and others that he's right. But I would like to address another one that's not quite as obvious, and that is...


Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking one's OWN unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, if you have a strong dislike for someone, you might instead believe that he or she does not like you. Projection works by allowing the expression of the desire or impulse, but in a way that the ego cannot recognize, therefore reducing anxiety. The one who projects in this fashion is clueless as to the pain he inflicts on other parties.

We all do it, but it's something to think about.





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