To establish a logical matrix for our search, we are going to refer back to page 112 in my original book, PLAN THEORY. Here we find the I-MAP of our civilization as it exists in relationship to other aspects of the total reality. Now, please refer to this model reprinted below.


We are mainly concerned with the vertical gateway which leads into the 3100 region and the positive and negative horizontal gateways which lead, respectively, into advanced and secret levels of physical existence and backwards into the secret history of humankind. The central "box" or the active matrix is the "container" where the general population of the Earth currently exist. We will also discuss the secrets in the active matrix.


Since the United States consistently creates lies and cover stories concerning essentially everything it does, sometime back it was decided to print a set of history books which actually told the truth. This set of books, which would resemble an encyclopedia when seen on the shelf, is called FRUS. This stands for "Foreign Relations of the United States". They contain the true history of the country. Of course, they are secret. However, they are widely distributed to various relatively inaccessible locations around the country like federal buildings. You will find a set of them in the library in such buildings. Important government employees and government contractors can use the library and read the secret history. If, on some legitimate business, you find yourself in one of these buildings and manage to locate the library, you might get a peak at them too.


Maintaining present day society is a delicate operation. Think of it like tuning in a radio station. You have to be right on the mark or you will drift off the station and maybe begin to pick up a new station which could be undesirable. Right now the radio is tuned to a station which plays dialectical materialism, economic determinism and scientific atheism, and it is very important that it is not allowed to drift away from that station. If it should drift away, the so called "industrialized world" could not survive. In the 1960's, people found they could "tune in" to a different channel - a higher channel which had very different programming. They began to move away from materialism and towards less tangible goals. The leaders were terrified. If they did not work quickly, they could lose control of their slaves forever. People somehow lock on to the idea that atomic weapons are the biggest threat to the developed world. Not so! Japan was hit with atomic weapons and look at them now - a thriving industrial power. They are doing just fine. If, on the other hand, Japan had "turned on" with LSD, the nation would not exist today because everyone in it would have left materialism for a higher state of awareness. In reality, it was not Einstein and his friends that brought the greatest threat to conventional civilization but rather it was Leary and his "tune in, turn on, drop out" LSD campaign.


I want to relate a personal experience I had from the period of the 1970's which has remained with me all these years. We were at a party and people were introducing themselves and saying what they did for a living and such. When asked, this guy replied, "Oh, I work at a zoo". Well, everyone was laughing because they new him. But, I got curious and, when the guy was more or less alone, I asked him what the deal was with the "zoo". It turned out "the zoo" was a school for "special children". Special meant "too smart". The zoo keeper explained, "You see, in our society, there is no place for very smart people. We keep them here. Sometimes, with special drugs and other methods, we are able to lower their IQ to a level which allows us to release them back into society. However, in some cases, when we fail at this, they can never leave the zoo".

This was my introduction to how the population is secretly "managed" so that "nothing changes". Young people who are too smart might grow up to figure out how society really works and try to change it. But, they never get the chance. They go "to the zoo". And, they stay "in the zoo" unless they can be brain damaged into "average citizens" who drink beer, watch sports and believe whatever the TV tells them.

"The zoo" is in the category of "secrets in plain sight". It is there, but you do not notice it. The "zoo keeper" made no secret of what he did and most of the people already knew what his job was. It is just another one of "those things" that go on quietly out of the public eye and no one seems to notice. It is sad that the "average American" is truly average because anyone above average is "in the zoo".



This is the compartment which "contains" the bulk of the world population. It is organized so as to function as the production unit to provide for the needs of the elite. The lifestyle of the elite is kept secret from the slaves in the production unit. The slaves receive constant propaganda messages thru the controlled media to program them to believe that the only purpose of their existence is material productivity. They must expand. The economy must expand. They must create jobs. The gross national product must constantly increase. Industrial development must increase. Increasing the material wealth of the nation is the purpose of human life, etc.

This compartment is further compartmentalized with a view towards control of the slaves. A key principle is "need to know". A slave should only need to know what is necessary to do his slave labor. The main sub compartments of the central compartment are defined by the four basic security clearance levels which are 1. no clearance, 2. confidential, 3. secret and 4. top secret. There are need to know sub-compartments within each of the four main compartments. All people with security clearances are slaves but, to paraphrase from Orwell's "Animal Farm", all slaves are equal but some slaves are more equal than others. The ruling elite have free access to all knowledge without restriction. They live the way everyone would live if this were a "normal" planet.

Secrets of Corporations

US corporations have recently been granted secrecy rights. A corporation can't just "walk up and kill you" if it thinks you know too much like the government does but it can proclaim information to be a "trade secret" and use legal measures to keep anyone from learning the information. A good recent example would be the electronic voting machines. They are all capable of being easily programmed to rig an election. In fact, documentaries have been made which show the machines and show how they can be rigged. However, the machines and the software that operates them - which allows the votes to be altered in favor of whoever is in control of the process - are "proprietary" or secret and are protected by US law. So, even though it has become common knowledge that the machines are easily fixed to rig an election and even though it has been shown that this has actually been done and continues to be done, nothing can legally be done to stop it. This is because, in order to go into court and prove the machines are rigged, you would have to admit that you reverse engineered the machines and/or software which would be illegal under the trade secrets laws. So, as usual, US law protects criminals and screws honest people who now have totally lost their constitutional right vote for leaders of their choice.

Espionage and Surveillance Secrets

This is an area where you practically need to write an encyclopedia size document to adequately explain all the techniques and tricks. Sometime back, the United States allowed Russian contractors to work on a new embassy building in the Soviet Union. When they checked the building before moving in, they found that it had so many spy devices built into the construction that the building was unusable and it was suggested that the only safe course of action was to demolish the place and start over using security checked American workers.

The United States places a higher value on technology than it does on (slave class) human life.  Apparently the reasoning is that technology is "stable and predictable" whereas people are "temporary and emotional". For example, the people who operate the spy planes for the national security agency must agree to blow up the plane - and themselves with it - rather than let the secret technology be captured by "enemies".

The average person is most likely to encounter so called "trojan devices" which they buy and take into their homes not knowing their true abilities. The cell phone is the best example. It can be turned on remotely and used as a "bug" to transmit conversations of anyone close to it. It will also report any special information stored in it such as phone numbers or pictures. Other cute gadgets include paper shredders with built in document scanners which scan whatever you are shredding first and send the information over the power lines to a concealed receiver. Of course, we all should know by now about the government's secret agreement with the makers of color printers whereby the printers secretly print their serial number on all documents using weird colors that can only be seen using special filters so that government spies can tell who printed the page. Let's not forget, also, the classic "hidden camera in the copy machine" which was popular when copy machines were rare and costly and were found mainly in stores and malls. Whatever you copied was photographed and stored on a film cartridge in a special locked compartment. When the machine was serviced, the film was collected and sent to the government.

The grand prize winner for "best trojan device" is the personal computer. Not only does it allow the government to "profile you", but it allows anyone else who is clever to learn about you and steal your personal information. Technology for remotely knowing everything stored on your computer is so effective that business travelers to the Beijing Olympics were advised to buy a new computer with nothing stored on it to take to the games to prevent the Chinese government from learning anything sensitive. Besides governments, private groups make extensive files on you. Google stores every search you do forever and links it to you. The file they have on you can be used as evidence against you in court. In other countries, information about citizens reported to their government by search engine providers in the United States may have resulted in some people being killed by more repressive governments.

On a global level, the government does its best to record and store all telephone calls which are placed anywhere on the planet. This task is made easier because it is cheaper for developing countries to base their phone system on cell phones rather than to actually string up physical cables everywhere. So, spy satellites can easily intercept all the phone calls made in such a country.

Secrecy in Private Group

In practice, the rules for private groups appear to be as follows: As long as you "keep your house in order", have some system in place to make sure what you do "stays within the group" and are able to maintain a level of deniability so that no one on the outside can prove what you are doing, you can do pretty much anything you want.

A good example is the Catholic church. Obviously, any government with any kind of intelligence service has always known that the church was raping and abusing children. Pretty much anyone else who did the necessary research would know that also. But, it was not public knowledge. Deniability was maintained. However, as soon as the cloak of secrecy was "torn" and the general public became aware of the age old practices, obviously politicians, who knew all this for years, had to act all surprised and publicly condemn the church to protect their political careers. If the practices had not become public knowledge, they would still be continuing today.

Slavery is Forever

If you are born a slave, you stay a slave. You can't "work your way out of slavery". The "free" people are those born into the ruling families of the world and related by blood. Everyone else is a slave. If you are "useful", you will be treated very well. But, you should know that, when your usefulness ends, you will be "chewed up and spit out". Let's look at two examples:

1. The government paid a researcher very well to dedicate his life to decoding the language of dolphins so that men could communicate with them. He finished his work and turned in the results to the government. But, the next time he got into the tank with the dolphins, the dolphins attacked and killed him. The government used the language to program the dolphins to get rid of him as his usefulness had ended. His research remains secret.

2. In England, they needed healthy kids to continue the monarchy. The whore the prince liked could not make them so they found Diana who could and did make nice healthy kids. Once they got the kids, Diana was no longer needed and was disposed of so the prince could go back to the old whore he really wanted.


The president of the United States is essentially the CEO of the world economic matrix. It is said, with some pride, that all money in the world passes thru Washington, D.C. He is the public leader of the 202 activity band. His orders come from the unseen ruling elite. However, since their existence is secret, the president is the highest official known to the masses.

The president has duties concerning the economic matrix. Many other things go on in the world, however the president only "needs to know" about those things which relate to his job. President Carter, for example, asked for information on UFO's and was politely told it was none of his business. As a general rule, before someone becomes president, they were involved in government and also joined the classic secret societies like the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] and the Masons. Because of these associations, they are generally up to speed on the basic state of the world. However, it sometimes happens that a president is, shall we say, "secret challenged". This was the case with President Kennedy. First, he wanted to investigate the mob and he had no clue that his father was a mobster and the only reason he was the president was because his dad asked the mob to rig the election and make him president. Then, the Cuban missile "crisis" came along but Kennedy did not have a high enough security clearance to know that Castro was and has always been a friend of the United States and that the Soviet Union was secretly financed from within the United States and was also a fast friend. The "adversary games" that seemed real to ordinary people were staged to keep the slaves frightened and so increase productivity. So, the guy had some serious misconceptions about reality.

A sitting president has the conditional right to join the secret government and live forever. However, this is not guaranteed. While president, he is sort of on probation and is carefully watched by the secret government to see if he may qualify for admission in to their very exclusive club. Ronald Reagan, for example was reportedly accepted and has now been returned to a young man in his twenties by top secret technology. John Kennedy, obviously, was not accepted.


This area covers the lifestyles and support matrix for the ruling elite. Obviously, they do not live under the same conditions as the slaves. The productivity of the slaves provide a carefree life for the elite. Just like bees make more honey than they need or can use, the slave class is stimulated to work and produce more than they need so the surplus can be "collected" and used to support the elite just like collecting surplus honey from the bees. The more the elite want, the more the slaves have to work. Remember when women got to stay at home and raise kids. No more! Forget that. Now, both parents must work, maybe at more than one job each, and they end up with less than they would have had say fifty years ago with one parent working at one job.

Living spaces for the elite are mainly below ground in the underground cities with some protected surface spaces. Everything is provided free. Slaves get the bill. Top secret medicine guarantees them perfect health. They may get involved with intellectual or artistic projects as they choose. They may take a turn at some high political job as sort of an "adventure". Those with the highest seniority will sit on the ruling council of earth and others will be involved with specialized groups designing and planning the future of the planet as suits their needs and desires. None of this is "stress work". Once you have made it here, your perfect life and future is guaranteed. You do as you please.

The Plantation Model - The Master's House

In your typical southern plantation in the United States there was a large plot of land worked by slaves and the "master" generally lived in an elegant mansion on the property. The slaves got to live in significantly less elegant accommodations and, of course, away from the master's mansion. We see this model repeat today. A very good example is Iraq and the new American embassy. This huge complex, reportedly larger than the Vatican, is totally self contained with every conceivable luxury for the "master" (the United States) and his friends. Outside the master's house, the general population of the country, the slaves, live in shit. They have essentially no basic services and constantly die from simple medical problems because the bombed out hospitals don't even have basic supplies. Of course, people enjoying a cocktail party or a dip in the Olympic size pool inside the master's house could not care less. Why should they. After all, the people "outside the gate" are only slaves. Nameless, faceless slaves.

Actually, the whole planet is set up this way. It is not obvious, because the "master's house" for the planet is located in the underground installations and so it is out of sight. However, it functions the same way. Everything required for survival of the elite rulers is provided by a supply chain which is independent from the "outside world". Therefore, the outside world, where the slaves live, is largely superfluous. It is nice to have as long as the slaves can be adequately contained and controlled. But, it is not necessary for the continued survival of the elite. It has now become just an option.


The government likes the option to have places it can go where it cannot be followed by the press or ordinary people. This allows it the freedom to do projects and carry on activities which it cannot do "under the public eye" because they are illegal, immoral or otherwise secret. Inaccessible places may be natural or man made in the sense that they are proclaimed to be inaccessible by government edict.  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba , is an example of a man made inaccessible place. It uses the cover story that the US is in some kind of "cold war" type situation with Cuba when, in fact, this is just a ruse to make sure Americans can't go there and the top secret base located there is protected from any prying eyes. A base on the moon or the space station would be an example of a naturally inaccessible place.

Inaccessible places are very important to a government whose official "public face" and "real agenda" are literally light years apart. Everything done in public must be carefully choreographed to make sure the deception is maintained. Just a few words spoken when an unnoticed reporter is listening or a microphone is accidentally left on can instantly end a political career.


The government has relationships with creatures who are not from Earth. We know this because it is reportedly documented in the secret FRUS books. FRUS reportedly lists the classic Roswell incident as a legitimate real event. We use the phrase "not from earth" because the interactions are not necessarily with beings from another planet. Some are with beings from other dimensions or planes as well as from different points in time.

It is sometimes asked, what would some super advanced civilization want which would inspire them to make contact with a dysfunctional planet like Earth. Here are two reasons: food and water. Earth has a surplus of both.


The best source for recent history, i.e., history of the past several hundred years, is the FRUS library. These books are the only books that contain true history. Only "loyal citizens", such as government employees and government contractors, are supposed to be able to read them. However, people talk and so with enough effort you should be able to get a good summary from someone who has seen the books or even get a peak at them yourself. Most people do not know that these books exist, so just knowing about them gives you a leg up.


Lots of things in ancient history do not appear all that ancient. Research suggests that there were successive periods of enlightenment and darkness. Some discoveries from the enlightened periods baffle scientists today. We know, for example, that sources of electricity with significant power were used to perform some function with certain Egyptian pyramids. There were no electric generators back then, but there were simple and easy to construct devices known as "accumulators". Today, these are called Leyden jars. They were "officially" invented in 1745 but don't tell that to the ancient Egyptians or to the authors of the Christian bible because they both had them. If you follow the instructions given in the Bible faithfully, the device you make can store a powerful enough electric charge to kill a person.  Best of all, you don't need to charge it because it "accumulates" a charge all by itself over time. Now, the Egyptians, who had no shortage of manpower, used millions of these gadgets to activate some function of the pyramids. Millions of these jars connected together would create an almost unbelievable surge of electricity. And, some suggest that the results were equally unbelievable involving such exotic things as transportation to other planets. Whatever it did, it was spectacular. Government scientists have reportedly figured all this out now and, since we have lots of electricity available today, have been able to duplicate the ancient mechanisms and have added the knowledge to their collection of "you will never know" secrets.

Origination secrets are devastating. The knowledge that human beings were manufactured by aliens who made genetic enhancements to orangutans for the purpose of creating a slave race is just something that totally wrecks all the accepted belief systems in common use today. Equally devastating is the knowledge that the physical universe is periodically created and then later dissolved by an intelligent force.


The secrets of economics are not exactly secrets because anyone who studies economics learns them. However, they may as well be secrets because it seems most people have no clue as to how the US economic system is set up. If they did, their attitude about the government they live under would likely undergo some serious changes.

Long ago people used things as money which had intrinsic value like gold and silver. The US system used this at one time also. This was gradually changed to a system where a paper "note" replaced the precious metals but the paper note was a guarantee that the metal existed and could be claimed on demand. One dollar silver certificates lasted into the 1960's and you could take them to a federal reserve bank and get them to give you the equivalent in actual silver. This agreement is now canceled, even if you saved some of the old "silver certificates". New dollar bills and other denominations of paper money are purely "fiat money" or "faith based money". Fiat money has no real value. Its value is determined by how much "faith" you have in the government which printed it and which "proclaims" that it has value.

The US monetary system is based on the Federal Reserve System which was put in place in December, 1913. The Federal Reserve System is not a government agency. It is a system of twelve private banks which are essentially controlled by banking families such as the Rothschild's and the Morgan's who have controlled the world money system and have been interbreeding among themselves for hundreds of years to "keep the money in the family". Control of the country's money is essentially equivalent to control of the country. However, the Federal Reserve is not part of the government. It is private and largely secret. It does what it pleases and you must accept the results. These people are not elected. They have no allegiance to "the people" and the people have no power over them. They do whatever they want.

On December 16, 2008, the CBS evening news broadcast an interview with economist Michael Dared, identified as the chief economist for MKM Partners. Dared stated, "The Federal Reserve is the only institution which can actually create money out of thin air." Economists know this stuff and you would too if you were paying attention in high school economics class. But, it is a significant event to have an expert come on national TV and actually tell the truth about this. So, now you know: All these years you have been "busting your butt" for "thin air".

Now, to get current, lets look at the latest "crisis" and see how this game works. Major banks, which are, in reality, the banks supporting the twelve national banks of the Federal Reserve System, mess up.

They make bad decisions and hand out millions to executives so they will have some spending money when they go to all the lavish parties at expensive retreats paid for by the banks. So, the banks call up the government and ask for help. Now, the government has no money. When the government needs money, they "borrow" it from the Federal Reserve which creates the requested money out of "thin air" because fiat money is imaginary money with no intrinsic value at all. So, the Federal Reserve gives the requested money to the real federal government which turns around and gives it back to the banks who are, in fact, the same banks which are a part of the Federal Reserve and the same banks which are responsible for the crisis in the first place. Now, the "thin air" fiat money is about to get seriously real. The government has to pay interest on this "thin air" money it just gave to its friends. The government has no money. So, guess who is going to have to pay. You are going to have to pay and your children are going to pay, perhaps for hundreds of years. There is not enough money in the entire world to pay back the US national debt. This means that you and your families and kids are locked into economic slavery essentially forever. And, you can't pay back with "thin air". Although money is created out of thin air, you must do real work to pay it back as well as suffer with no universal health care, poor living conditions and the constant media reinforced fear that terrorists or pandemics or mars men or whatever are coming "to get you" to make sure you have no peace and spend the rest of your days in misery and uncertainty.

To summarize, the world economic system is a fraud. It always was. The incredibly wealthy families did not get that way by doing actual hard work. They got that way by trickery. This complex game they designed and of which they are undisputed grand masters is not honest. It is extremely complex and it is equally extremely corrupt. You can't win. Just as it is impossible to consistently win and finance your life by going to casinos, it is impossible to get financially ahead in this place by following the rules because, just like in the casino, the rules are written so as to guarantee that the "house" wins and you lose. You don't make these rules and you can't change these rules. The people who do are outside of the government and the democratic process and nothing you can do will have any affect on them. So, basically, you're screwed.


"The people" are responsible for the debts created by their leaders. This is true regardless of the fact that their leaders mainly operate in secret and were most likely "elected" in fraudulent elections using rigged voting machines and a variety of other methods. Since the nation lives in a state of perpetual debt, it is said that the birth certificates of children are used as a "pledge" against the national debt.  Specifically, this means that children born in the United States are born into economic slavery and will spend their lives working to repay the debt created by previous generations.


A healthy economy requires constant expansion in a finite world, which is impossible. However, there is one way to "expand" all you want and never need any "extra space". That way is to have a war. War allows you to pour resources in and get nothing out. Therefore, the Bilderberger group has recommended (their recommendations essentially always become fact) that the future economy be based upon constant and unending war. History shows that the US did not recover from the great depression just by creating jobs with the WPA (Works Progress Administration) but, rather, by opting to join World War II. The future unending war would not have to be world wide because this would have a negative impact. But, there would need to be a sort of "war reservation" where eternal war never ceased. A good candidate for this looks to be Afghanistan. You can spend tons of money building bombs and dropping them on Afghanistan and not cause any negative impact to the rest of the world.  Like General Bull Right said on the TV show "Laugh In" years ago, "War is good business". The TV show and the general are long gone but his words remain true. War is good business. In a world motivated by economic concerns, if war was not good business, there would be no wars.

Constant war offers special opportunities which do not otherwise exist. For one thing, a country can legally kill its unwanted young people by sending them off to war. Since people go missing in a war zone, it is easy to catch people and use them for medical experiments and then dispose of them with no one the wiser and no one who really cares. The economic benefits are tremendous. You get to spend money without any oversight. You get to declare everything you do a secret so you can't get into any trouble later. It is truly a dictator's dream come true!


The vertical gateway is the gateway which leads from physical existence to the next higher level of the Creation, commonly called the Astral planes. It is said that, in past ages, mainly in the Golden Age, the gateway was always open. Beings from the Astral world who wanted to experience physical existence could spend some time in a physical body. However, they never lost touch with "home" and all their friends on the Astral planes. Also, they could freely come and go as they pleased. As the ages progressed to last age, the Iron age or Kali Yuga, which we are experiencing now, the gateway became less accessible. It was no longer possible to come and go as one pleased and so people in physical existence came to forget and then to deny altogether the existence of the vertical gateway and also forgot that they were immortal Souls.

Because of this new orientation, it became possible to organize people into groups of slaves under the control of some authority figure who would threaten any dissenters with death. Since people had now forgotten all about "home" and lost the knowledge that they were eternal Souls and so could not die, these techniques were effective. However, leaders came to realize that all of their power could disappear immediately if the slaves ever remembered the true nature of reality and the existence of the vertical gateway. So, for the stability of the "new order" of things, it became very important that information about the vertical gateway be kept as a closely guarded secret.


Organized societies seem to have a need to do some kind of inquisition every so often to make sure that anyone with psychic abilities is hunted down and eliminated. In the witch trials, conviction was often linked to something called "spectral evidence". Spectral evidence is defined as follows:

"Spectral evidence is testimony given that an accused person's spirit or spectral shape appeared to the witness in a dream at the time the accused person's physical body was at another location."
Now, let's compare that to the DSM-IV guideline used to label someone schizophrenic:

"Altered sense of self is a term describing a blurring of the ill person's feeling of who he or she is. It may be a sensation of being bodiless, or non existent as a person. The ill individual may not be able to tell where his or her body stops and the rest of the world begins. It may be as if the body is separated from the person."

The descriptions are substantially equivalent.

Witches were burned at the stake. Schizophrenics are killed slightly more humanely. The drugs they are forced to take first sterilize them to make sure they can't reproduce. Next, they attack and destroy parts of the brain known to be associated with psychic experiences such as the pineal gland. Then, over time, the drugs function as slow poisons and shorten the person's life by about twenty five years or by about one third.

For those of you who are inclined to believe that psychiatrists dedicate their lives to helping people, here is what a real psychiatrist has to say: The book by Edgar Cayce titled "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis" (1968) quotes from a story in a newspaper called "The Virginia Lighthouse" concerning quotes by psychiatrist Dr. Heath made by him on November 20, 1966. The quote is:
"With the use of chemical brain-control agents it may be possible to control the individual and the masses and to do this unobtrusively and without the active cooperation of the victims - not a question for the future - it is here."

You might note here the honest use of language: "Tranquilizers" or "psych-meds" are called for what they are, "chemical brain-control agents" and "patients" are called "victims".

For some brief background, Dr. Heath, who is most likely deceased now, headed up the psychiatry department at Tulane University in New Orleans. During the time frame of his quoted remarks, Tulane University participated in the CIA's now famous mind control (MK) series of projects. This was publicly exposed later in declassified documents but, when the press asked questions, all the university would say was that they followed orders and destroyed all the evidence.


Perhaps one of the best pieces of evidence we have here is Episode #4047 of the "Sightings" TV show first aired April 21, 1996. The show interviewed David Morehouse who had been kicked out of the US top secret remote viewer program and so was willing to go public and tell secrets. Morehouse stated that remote viewers worked as a team when going on out of body trips. The technique is a bilocation technique where the viewer is physically conscious and talking to his "controller" while also having a presence in some remote location. This, incidentally, is a perfect fit for the "spectral evidence" argument used to convict and burn witches.

Morehouse described how he and his team were sent back in time to find out what happened to the commercial plane which had exploded over Scotland. The team found the plane - which had not yet exploded - and searched it and found a bomb in the bathroom. The people on the plane could not see them. After the plane exploded and the passengers "died", they could see and talk to the remote viewer team since they had now lost their physical bodies and were using their Astral bodies. Morehouse said the team leader explained to the dead people that it was all over for them but that he and his team still had bodies so they needed to leave them now.

So, from Morehouse's confession on national TV, we know that, in the time frame of the early 1990's, the United States had successfully trained spies to view remote locations as invisible "spectres" and to travel in time. Morehouse said that talk of the program being canceled was propaganda and he felt that it was being expanded to train psychics to use their powers to "remotely" assassinate people.

Once the level of success described by Morehouse has been achieved, psychic research is just too tempting to give up. You don't have to be a psychic to figure out that the government quickly realized the fantastic power it could have by using the ancient arts of sorcery and black magic against a world which had forgotten that such things were possible. There would have been no turning back for them.

All this stuff is pretty routine in any legitimate witches coven. The members get out of their body every night. They first meet at some agreed starting point like, say, some landmark on a golf course. Once assembled, they go as a team wherever they want - travel in time - travel to other planets - travel to other dimensions. Witches have been doing this essentially for as long as people have existed. Everyone has these skills but they have been largely forgotten in "modern" times.

Contemporary Uses of Remote Viewers

The remote viewer program officially no longer exists but all that means is that its existence has become a "recalled secret" and it is now back under wraps. Let's look at a couple of contemporary uses:

One unique project involved using psychic powers to "rape the brains" of prisoners, specifically the ones held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These were tough subjects. Normal techniques did not work on them. Also, there was a special problem: These people knew that they are living under the worst possible conditions. They also knew that life continues after death and they knew that wherever they may end up after death would be better than here because there is no worse place anywhere in the Creation. This knowledge gave them a distinct advantage over their western aggressors who are atheists and believe that nothing exists except physical reality. So, threatening to kill them or even actually killing them will have no effect on persuading them to cooperate. Since nothing else worked, the experiment was to see if the government trained psychics could somehow "get into" the brains of the prisoners and obtain useful information which could then be used against them.

Another use was gathering intel for the future war with Iran which will decimate the nation and reduce it to the same pile of rubble we presently see in Iraq. Facilities in Iran are deep underground and the spy satellites can't locate them. So, the remote viewers were assigned to try to get the coordinates of the underground facilities so that special missiles, launched from space or from a low orbit, could penetrate into the ground and blow up all the bases. There are various "psy-spy" methods of doing this including traveling back in time - as Morehouse confessed they could - and then just listening in on secret meetings planning to build the now completed bases and thereby learning the exact coordinates and pretty much anything else you might want to know about them.

Legal Implications of the 3108 Marker

The 3108 marker relates to the upper limit or vertical limit of the authority of the government of the United States as stated in its constitution. The United States must remain separate from religion and the United States cannot be or sponsor a religion. Since one enters the "religious zone" above 3108, the government is prohibited from venturing there. It must confine its activities to the physical, material zone. Now, by using federal money to train psychic spies to harm or kill people, the government is, in effect, establishing and financing a satanic church which would be against the constitution. Of course, in recent times, the government has drifted into a policy of being oblivious to any laws, local or international, when it feels it is in its interest to violate them so this should come as no great surprise.

Incidentally, the standard codes we use, like 202 and 301, do show up in various official places. For example, if you get a social security check from the government it is coded as "US TREASURY 310" [acknowledging that you have left the system] but if you get paid for work you do for the government your check would be coded "US TREASURY 220" [noting you are still in the system]. Also, the area code for Washington D.C. is 202. But, after work, when you leave and go to Maryland to party, the area code there is 301. Of course, all this is most likely just a coincidence.


Occult groups, which covers pretty much all of the classic secret societies and most established religions, generally have a secret core of knowledge based upon black magic and sorcery. Many governmental secrets today concern exotic advanced technology, however, one must understand that modern technology is less than one hundred years old and all the classic secret groups have hundreds or even thousands of years of history. So, their secrets are going to be mystical as opposed to technological.

Let's look at an occult technique for committing murder reportedly used by the masons: In this technique the group first locates a source of "high emotion". The example given was to locate people in a movie theater watching an emotion provoking film. "Gone With the Wind" was the specific example used. Then the masons use their secret technique to harness the collective psychic energy from the people in the movie theater and direct it against the intended victim, killing him. The technique looks similar to a classic witchcraft spell. However, witches generally create the psychic energy they need by themselves within the classic "magic circle". Siphoning off psychic or emotional energy from unsuspecting people is a slightly different "take" on classic spell casting. Of course, our society does not recognize or admit to the existence of such things and, therefore, there are no laws against psychic  murder or any other psychic crime.

Established religions, which are usually extremely wealthy, concentrate on developing psychic powers which will enable them to become even more wealthy by taking advantage of people during periods of stress and "persuading" them to donate everything they own to the church. People trust religious leaders which definitely gives them an edge when they feel the time is right to put some unsuspecting person "under their spell" and rip off everything they have in this world. Churches do not pay taxes and are generally beyond the law. As long as they use "unseen" psychic abilities and do not get caught, for example, touching children, they are pretty much "home free" as far as legal consequences are  concerned.

Incidentally, it is not possible for any religious, psychic or Spiritual leader to simply "whisk someone to a higher state of consciousness" with their "powers". A legitimate Spiritual master can help someone from the standpoint that they can understand what stage a person has reached in their Spiritual development. With this understanding, the master can help the person by suggesting the quickest way to, shall we say, the "next step up". However, it would then be up to the student to do the work. Any idea that you can pay money to anyone for some kind of "ticket to Heaven" is pure crap. Also, if you were to actually meet a real master, he would not want your money.

Snatching Bodies for Fun and Profit

Since the lower levels of the Creation exist in duality, there is the concept of the left hand and the right hand path which represent, respectively, the bad guys and the good guys. There are masters who teach both paths. Masters of evil have respect within their domain just as it is respectable, in some cultures, to be a thief, although you may have to follow some rules to join the thieves' union like, say, "no take candy from baby". Long ago, a man named Milarepa, who is generally recognized as Tibet's greatest yogi, became a master of both the left and right hand paths.

The point here is that people are not necessarily good just because they are brimming over with psychic powers. One favorite con game is body snatching. It works like this: Someone who is adept enough to get established and develop relationships on the Astral plane finds beings there who want a human body. However, they do not want to be a baby and be born normally which usually involves the loss of Astral memories. They want a healthy grown up body which they can hop in right away - preferably one whose present owner has achieved a comfortable material existence. So the con artist, who, of course, has registered himself as a church and most likely proclaims himself god or whatever, lures people in with the promise of "enlightenment". They do some ritual which may involve certain drugs which causes them to leave their body briefly. What they do not know is that the con artist has made a deal with some spirit on the Astral plane to be waiting and "jump in" as soon as the unsuspecting fool is "out". Just like physical bodies, two Astral bodies cannot be in the same place at the same time. So the fool seeking enlightenment is now hanging out "in limbo" and his physical lifetime is now over because the spirit who now has his body is not going to let it go. As payment, the "new owner" will go to the bank and get the requested money from the victim's account and pay the "priest" or whatever the con man calls himself. Of course, as a church, he gets to keep all the money tax free for his "spiritual services".
The moral of this story is, "super powers do not necessarily equal super morality". So, buyer beware. You might get more enlightenment than you bargained for!


It has been proposed that some older cultures, specifically the Mayan and possibly the Inca, reached a level of Spiritual development which allowed at least some of them to directly leave this plane of the Creation, physical body and all. The primary argument for this is the discovery of settlements in good condition which seem to have been vacated for no reason and with no sign of human remains. One important factor to consider would be the existence of a technology free environment which would be essentially impossible to duplicate in today's world. Specifically, there would have been no commercial electrical grid and no artificially produced electromagnetic waves (radio waves). The observation that a human body can physically "fade out" of view is sometimes noted by hospital workers.  This is generally seen late at night (the classic 3AM to 6AM window) in patients close to death. However, it is temporary and the physical body does not permanently vanish. Workers who have seen this are shy to discuss it.


First, for technical background, you need to realize that the physical universe and its sister universe, the Astral planes or Astral universe, are both created from the Causal plane. Periodically, in ordinary or "minor" dissolution, these two planes are removed from the Creation and then created again after a period of non existence. The point here is that the Causal plane, which is also refereed to as "the plane of forces", has latent powers that are really impossible to even imagine from a human point of view.

One observed interdimensional transport involved a group of entities living on the Astral plane who "created" essentially a conventional airplane and, in the process, physical bodies for themselves, and materialized in the physical dimension. They landed the "plane", did whatever activities they wanted, boarded the "plane" again and took off. Then, the physical components were "dissolved" and they returned to their natural state as residents of the Astral plane.

We know from texts on Tibetan yoga that "direct creations" are recognized as possible and legitimate. Actually, it is said that, to be "perfect", a reincarnating Buddha would not want a "womb birth" but  would, rather, choose to "materialize" as a young child who had no Earthly parents. Stories like these are classic in eastern mysticism and are generally accepted as fact. If the power of the Causal plane allows an intelligence to create and dissolve entire universes, it then seems not to be a big problem to accomplish these "impossible" feats. Real magicians do their legitimate magic by accessing the Causal plane. However, they are generally cautious about spectacular displays of their powers, even though they have the abilities, because there are penalties for reckless use of the powers of the Creation.


Although electricity is fundamental to modern society, some of the basic properties of electricity remain unknown. We have Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, to thank for the following insight. After an accident, Monroe found that he could Astral project essentially at will. However, he was not religious and rejected eastern mysticism and originally felt, not knowing anyone else who was doing what he was doing, that he had "invented" Astral travel. So, he began making up his own language to explain and define what he did and saw, which continues to be used today by his foundation.  Since he had no training or insight into the basic ethics normally taught to students such as the law of karma, he went wondering around the scientific community, mainly populated by atheists, talking about this "out of body" stuff he had "invented" and asking for their help. He freely let medical people test him and do experiments. There are articles on the internet suggesting that Monroe also got into some association with the CIA and helped them develop their secret remote viewer program. Monroe was a good test subject because he was cooperative and he could project at will. One experiment, which he relates in a book he wrote, involved being locked in a charged Faraday cage. This is basically a box made with an electrically conductive mesh such as metal screen wire which is insulated from the ground and is electrically charged with respect to ground. Monroe reported that he could not get out of the cage using his Astral body because the electricity in the screen, which was invisible in the physical dimension, was visible and solid in the Astral dimension.

The mathematical formulas used in electrical engineering contain "imaginary numbers" in order to make the calculations come out right. Students just accept this and probably never wonder where the "imaginary" components of electricity are. It appears that these components exist on the Astral plane. You could hang around college for six or eight years and get a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and never realize that electricity is transdimensional. There are reports that the math used by Tesla and the other pioneers was written in a special four dimensional notation which acknowledged the true nature of electricity but that this was classified and replaced with the present system before it became common knowledge.

Once you know that electricity is transdimensional, previously unrealized uses come to light. For example, in the cult classic movie "Ghostbusters", the technique of catching ghosts and holding them prisoner with high voltage is technically correct. In real life "ghost catching", the government protects secret locations with electrical fields designed to trap anyone who tries to spy on them using Astral projection. The physical body of the projector would eventually die and the cause of death, of course, would be "unknown". We have no laws governing these things since the existence of the Astral and other dimensions is officially denied.

Free Energy Technologies

Perfected free energy devices are reportedly in use by the military. One popular device in common use is described as a small unit which produces direct current and also a deafening noise. The only way it can be practically used is to have it insulated by a vacuum so people can't hear the unbearable noise. A key component, and possibly a consumed component, is uranium hexafluoride, UF6. Since it is unlikely that you will find UF6 at your favorite hobby shop, you will not be able to build one of these gadgets to run your home. However, it is said the military loves them and they secretly are in common use.


Now that we know that an electrical grid created on the physical plane can be used to effect things on the Astral plane, we are in a better position to explain and understand the top secret consciousness swapping devices used by the government. The government uses these devices to let important people steal a new body and to let one of its spies take possession of the body of, say, the leader of a foreign government. The electrical field can be thought of as an invisible wave guide or tube linking the two people. The field is manipulated so that the Astral body of one is "forced out" and then replaced with the Astral form of the other.

Possession and consciousness swapping has always been possible and has always been used in witchcraft as well as schools of eastern mysticism. However, to use these techniques you must have undergone significant mystic training. Generally, this training includes instructions in ethics and universal laws. The machines allow anyone with no training and no ethics to do these things for nefarious purposes.

Constructive uses of these techniques include such things as rituals by tribal "medicine men" where a warrior in training "possesses" some beast which the tribe must hunt for food or defense. Thru this process, the warrior learns to "think like the beast" because he has temporarily actually experienced life as the beast. This would be part of the initiation ritual to become a full warrior.
In a more peaceful use, lovers who know how to temporarily swap consciousness between them can quickly understand their partner's feelings and also greatly shorten the required number of physical incarnations they will need. Since the physical world exists in duality, Souls must take turns using male and female forms to gain a balanced physical experience before getting cleared to move to higher planes.


When Tesla worked with electricity, none of the modern gadgets such as computers or even solid state components had been invented. His experiments were limited to components available at the time. These were, essentially, an electric generator and the three basic circuit elements, the resistor, capacitor and the inductor or coil. With these basic components, one of his gadgets reportedly was capable of making human duplicates. These creatures were alive but totally senseless and just wondered around aimlessly. They were all destroyed and the experiment is still a secret today. The only thing we do know is that Tesla used alternating current at 400 Hz for all of his experiments. Commercial electricity today is 60 Hz for north America and 50 Hz for Europe. However, the government still uses 400 Hz for many of its projects.


Commercial electricity is supposed to be produced by generators and fed thru a wire distribution system. There are significant loses in the distribution system. When the production quantity is corrected for losses and balanced against known consumption, it turns out that more electricity is being consumed than is being produced. Since this is impossible, it indicates that there are some secret unknowns involved. It has been suggested that electric generators are located above natural quartz deposits in the ground and somehow "stimulate" natural electricity production using techniques developed by Tesla which are still secret. Tesla envisioned free energy for all. Of course, "free" is a four letter word that capitalism just cannot tolerate so these ideas and the technology behind them were quickly quashed.  But, the numbers do not lie and so it is obvious that some trickery, which still remains secret today, is involved in commercial electricity production.


Life science secrets are one of the categories of secrets which should be prohibited. People have the right to know about themselves, their abilities and potential. Like all other secrets, things you know that others do not know give you a certain power over them. So, secrets about life have sort of become married into the whole conglomerate of military secrets.


Top secret medicine is complete medicine. All the unknowns have been figured out. All known diseases have safe and effective treatments. Indefinite or "eternal" physical life is possible. Medical doctors who also have top secret clearances practice in this area. "Ordinary" doctors are generally called "harmless" [slang] because they are usually well meaning people who spend their lives practicing in ignorance because they do not know the top secrets and so never completely understand medical science.

Doctors with top secret clearances also have access to an assortment of top secret drugs as well as top secret medical devices. Top secret drugs, generally kept in a secure area at all major hospitals, would include such things as the cure for AIDS and the vaccine against AIDS.

Additionally, there would be the Schedule I drugs, especially those designed to alter consciousness and the top secret lethal drugs designed to cause "natural death", and therefore used to commit undetectable murders. Also, there is the so called "health kit" which is the inoculation against all known diseases, both natural and man made. Top secret devices would include such things as the aura balancing machine and the consciousness transference machine.

The government likes to work with rigid, military style, hierarchies because they are stable and predictable. Medical practice is organized that way with a clear chain of command in which the lower levels follow orders from the higher levels without question. The government likes doing business with "the mob" for basically the same reason. It also likes countries which are dictatorships. All of these systems also place a high value on enforcing internal secrecy.

One should realize that any cutting edge medical discovery is going to be immediately developed by the military and the national laboratories which both operate in secret. Any medical technique which has the potential to extend human life is a threat to the national security and must be suppressed. Increasing the human life span directly adversely effects the economy because the government has to pay more benefits. Recently, it was "happily" reported that the present young generation will yield a windfall profit to the government because they are expected to die much sooner due to a poor diet of junk food laced with known harmful chemicals. Let's look at stem cells as an example. Clearly, the government has done enough research in secret to know that this is a very important - and so a dangerous - discovery because it can extend human life. So, they proclaim it "immoral" and do their best to stop it. It's nice that our government wants to uphold the highest moral standards but strange that they saw no moral problem when they sprayed an entire nation (Vietnam) with tetrogenic poison (dioxin), causing many of their children to be born with birth defects, perhaps indefinitely. Apparently, hurting people is not immoral but helping them to have a better life is.

Not everyone with access to top secret medicine has "complete" access. The right to live physically forever, for example, is reserved for members of the highest level of the secret world government. Others can have a good life and perfect health but they do not get unlimited physical life.

The Secrets of AIDS

The AIDS virus was reportedly developed under a military contract given to Tulane University, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The chief researcher was reportedly a woman named Mary Stults Sherman.

When people were given the Polio vaccine, they were accidentally infected with viruses common to monkeys because monkeys were used to make the vaccine. These viruses are called Simian Viruses and are cataloged by a number. Although these viruses can be isolated today, they could not be detected at the time the polio vaccines were made. They are very small and can simply exist as a single strand of RNA. One Simian virus, known as SV40, can be sexually transmitted. Therefore, many people test positive for SV40 even though they were not even born when the polio vaccine was given out. SV40 is thought to be responsible for the sharp increase in soft tissue cancers in humans noted after the polio vaccine was given out.

Since it was known that SV40 was an STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease, the research focused on modifying SV40 to make it more lethal than it already was. This was done using a particle beam generator. The generator, primitive as compared to the present devices, was secretly housed in a government building in New Orleans. The large apes used were kept at a facility St. Tammany Parish [county], Louisiana, operated by Tulane University under the name "Delta Primate Research Center". Apparently, many samples of SV40 were put under the particle beam hoping that, eventually, one experiment would produce a new deadly STD which would resist any cure. The contract called for the creation of the new disease, the creation of a vaccine against the disease and an antidote to be used in case anyone would become accidentally infected. All of these were successfully created and given to the US military which then proceeded to release this biological weapon of mass destruction upon the world.

Mary Sherman reportedly had an accident with the particle beam generator which resulted in her death. However, the existence of the particle beam device was secret at that time, so the military fabricated the scenario that the woman was murdered in order to safely explain away her death. Severe burns noted in the autopsy which were the actual cause of death were simply dismissed as "unexplained".

Leaders of all nations friendly to the US were briefed and provided with the vaccine and the antidote. Consequently, none of these countries are particularly interested in any serious research to find a cure for AIDS since they have had the cure the whole time.


Essentially all developed countries except the United States have free health care for all citizens. Health care in the United States is proportional to your value. If you have no money and so are a useless eater [Nazi model], you get no care at all and are left in the street to die. If you are rich you can buy top quality health care short of top secret medicine and stay pretty healthy. If you were born into a ruling class family, your perfect health is guaranteed.

Other countries use socialized models which are generally much more humane and compassionate. These models place value on human life as opposed to the model in the United States which considers a person to have only as much value as he has money. No money - no value. Some socialized models use creative economics with very positive results. The best of these is the model which gives a doctor a base salary and then subtracts money from that base salary every time a patient assigned to him gets sick. Remarkably, very few patients get sick. In the US model, doctors only make money when people get sick and so, guess what, people are always getting sick.


Scientific discoveries about the nature and causes of what we call "love" are not exactly secret and have even been the subject of TV documentaries. However, the implications of these discoveries does not appear to have "sunk in" to the general public consciousness. Basically, what the science says is that about six chemical agents, which are manufactured by human bodies when couples get together, create the chemical or drug induced illusion we call love. Those chemicals most mentioned are oxytocin, PEA or phenylethylamine, dopamine and norepinephrine. However, the illusion is not permanent. At some point between about six months to three years, the drug concentrations will fall to an ineffective level. At this point, the couple will no longer be "in love" and will wonder what they ever saw in each other. The "love drug" levels can be restored by various methods. One can change partners which resets the love drug mechanism for a new cycle. One can have an affair with someone "strange" (i.e., previously unknown) which will briefly give you a high dose of love chemicals.

It appears that the original genetic program was written to promote diversity of offspring. Women would essentially remain pregnant from about twelve years old until about forty years old, assuming they lived that long. But, they would only stay attracted to the same man long enough to have one or two kids and then move on to someone else.

Some social orders apparently plan ahead for this problem. For example, if you were a king with a harem of a hundred or so girls, by the time you got back to girl number one she would seem new so you would be always guaranteed to have a peak level of love drugs. Also, some social orders are designed to exclude the concept of love or any happiness in a relationship such as systems using arranged marriages. These systems consider sex to be some kind of "duty to the state" like George Orwell's classic, "1984". You are "assigned" to a partner you may have no feelings for at all but you must stay together and have kids because it is your duty to the social order. The concept of getting some joy out of life simply does not exist as a factor in the social consciousness of these systems.

This science explains perfectly what we see in real life with respect to the high incidence of people having affairs. No matter how "hot" a partner is there is a time limit as to how long the love drugs can be produced in an exclusive relationship. An affair does not need to be with someone "more hot" - anyone "different" will reset the love drug mechanism. Some cultures recognize this. It is socially acceptable in Japan, for example, for a man to have an occasional affair and it is not unusual for a wife to purchase a night or two with a strange girl for her husband as, say, an anniversary present. It is really money well spent because it will reset the love drug mechanism and bring him a lot more happiness than say, a gold watch or some such.

Because the society in the United States is "sexually challenged" somehow, those who are caught having affairs are seen as simply terrible and generally have their lives totally wrecked, especially if they are high profile people. Unfortunately, it is just stupidity because anyone who looks at the science knows that it scientifically impossible for love to last forever and to believe that it can is a delusion.

All this brings us to an interesting legal point. Contracts negotiated when a person is in a state of diminished capacity due to the effects of drugs, alcohol or some other mechanism are not valid. A person must be of sound mind to be "contractible". So, when people sign marriage contracts under the influence of the drug induced illusion called love, the contract is technically void.
The science suggests that Plato's concept that all men should belong to all women and all women should belong to all men with the children being the responsibility of the state was close to scientific reality with respect to a system designed for maximum sexual happiness.


When the government started getting serious about secrets, it was suggested that ordinary people already knew too much and public knowledge should somehow be audited to determine what regular people should be allowed to know and what information, which was presently common knowledge, should be taken away from them and declared to be secret.

As an aid to this short discussion, you may want to locate the out of print book, "The Human Aura" by Walter J. Kilner who lived from about 1847-1920. The book details attributes of the human aura which were compiled by observing auras using dicyanin filters. Later, these filters were replaced by simple eyeglasses called Kilnascrenes. Dicyanin was discovered in the area of 1905 and the Kilnascrene glasses were reportedly "made illegal" at the end of world war II or about 1945. So, for about forty years, people had free access to this technology and then it was "taken back". World War II saw the creation of the "Q" security clearance and the development of the concept that there were some things that ordinary people should never be allowed to know. This appears to be one of them.

We have discussed dicyanin before. Basically, it is just a coal tar dye which can be used as a filter to visualize normally invisible areas of the spectrum. When you can find it referenced in a chemical catalog, it is described as an "agent used to visualize magnetic fields". Here, we want to speculate on what would have happened if this knowledge had remained public.

The problem with dicyanin is that it is physical evidence. You can find all sorts of books today about auras, spirits and the like. Many are factual because the writer is clairvoyant and can see these things.  But, you can't prove anything. You still have deniability. You can say the person is crazy, having hallucinations, should be caged up somewhere or whatever. Access to dicyanin immediately changes this because now you can prove that what the clairvoyant sees actually exists because anyone using a dicyanin filter can see the same thing. This, then, forces skeptics to admit that the aura exists. From this point, it is easy to also prove that the spirit leaves the body at death. Now, you have dealt a serious blow to scientific atheism, a basic building block of our materialistic society. From there, it is only a stone's throw to prove reincarnation and open the possibility of legal claims by persons on property they owned in a previous lifetime. Clearly, now, you can see why this simple dye is a threat to the national security. 

However, threat or not, it should not be any great problem to synthesize a chemical which was first made a hundred years ago and continue the research which the government banned around 1945. You see these goofy "ghost chaser" shows on TV with some guy with a gadget saying, "There's a cold spot here - there's a warm spot there - there must be a ghost somewhere..." A hundred years ago, you could go to the corner store and buy a pair of glasses that would let you see all the ghosts, spirits and whatever else might be wondering about on the lower Astral planes with no trouble at all.

Damage to the Astral Body

The work of Walter Kilner involved the diagnosis of diseases before they physically existed by checking the Astral body or aura for damage. This showed up as dark spots. For more details, see if you can find his out of print book. Basically, the aura is not supposed to have any "dark spots". This is not a characteristic of a healthy aura. Events in the physical dimension follow the "as above, so below" rule and therefore they exist in the Astral dimension before they manifest in the physical dimension. Kilner was able to correlate defects he could see in the aura using dicyanin with the physical disease it corresponded with and so was able to prevent the disease from ever materializing in the physical body.

You would think that such a medical breakthrough would have been developed and be in use today. Well, it is. It is part of top secret medicine but, as a slave, you are not allowed to know about it or benefit from it. The government realizes that a healthy aura is important and so has developed the aura balancing machine which is a basic tool in top secret medicine. This is one way the elite always seem so perfectly healthy and spry all the time. During Kilner's time, this was available to everyone until it was suppressed and declared secret by your fascist government.
You should know that many drugs in common use today cause Astral damage. These include both over the counter and prescription drugs. Drug researchers are not required to check for Astral damage because, in our atheist society, there is officially no such thing. However, since the elite use drugs too, you can bet that they know which drugs cause Astral damage and which drugs do not. It is easy to check a drug to see if it is causing Astral damage. The easiest way would be with dicyanin but, of course, the government has taken that option away. Alternately, anyone who can see the aura can see the same thing. There is also Kirlian photography. The test would be to see if several people who were, say, taking the same popular over the counter pain reliever [these are reportedly known culprits] show consistent "dark spots" in roughly the same areas. Then, to confirm, do the dark spots seem to clear or go away if the person stops using the drug.

Gaining this type of information is very important to you because, when you leave this place [die], your Astral body will be your primary body. If it is damaged, you are going to have serious problems. It is said that some of the residents of the Astral plane are assigned to help people who come over damaged, however it would certainly be much better to take steps to prevent Astral damage rather than to have to deal with it along with the shock of suddenly finding yourself in a dimension you never knew existed and were never prepared for by your atheist masters or your corrupt religious leaders.


On the humorous side, the Comstock laws, passed around 1873, among other things tried to recall and make secret how a woman's reproductive system worked, what caused pregnancy and how to avoid becoming pregnant. It also outlawed contraceptives. Police, specifically the vice squad, would send pregnant girls undercover to see doctors and beg to be told how to avoid becoming pregnant again.

Doctors, presumably, had the "clearance" to know this forbidden knowledge. If the doctor said anything, he was busted and the vice cops rushed in and took him away. A slight problem arose, however, when the US went to war. With condoms and even the knowledge about them now "classified", the soldiers came home loaded with STD's. Eventually, the laws were repealed and the country gradually went into "full reverse", begging girls not to get pregnant and to kill any baby they may be pregnant with that they may not really want.


Space and time travel have always been possible on a personal level. Anyone who learns Astral travel is free to go anywhere in space and anywhere in time for personal enlightenment. The government's remote viewers do time travel. Experiences can be shared with others who have the same abilities, however the experiences are not physical and therefore there is no physical evidence of the event.

When we talk about space and time travel, therefore, we are talking about physical travel as opposed to psychic travel. We can thank the nice announcer on American Movie Classics for telling us about the government's time travel program. Before each movie on AMC, an announcer gives a brief talk about the movie. Before a movie which had a time travel theme, the AMC announcer stated that the movie script had to be changed because government agents came and told the fiction writer that what he had conceived was "too close" to the actual government research on time travel and so they would now help him (actually, they insisted) rewrite the script to describe something they knew could never work. So, we have an admission that there is a secret time travel program and also a guarantee that any science fiction program we see is really and totally fiction because government spies have made sure that anything remotely possible is never seen by the general public. How reassuring.

The government had workable plans for "real" spacecraft back in the 1960's so they should be pretty far advanced by now. In the time travel area, the government is supposed to maintain a military base thirty years in the future to make sure that they get a "heads up" on any bad news. Communication with the base is sent by "packets". These packets can contain information or material things. One incident which tends to support the argument that things of this nature go on concerns a person who picked up a signal from a TV station complete with its call sign ID. He contacted the station to get a confirmation or a DX report, as it is called, only to be told that the station had gone off the air years earlier. The TV signal had somehow gotten included in the stream of "time packets" which allowed it to be briefly received in the future.


The classic novel "Brave New World" describes a future society where babies are grown in test tubes and most are deliberately damaged to make them artificially stupid. The "alpha" class is allowed to develop normally with no damage and they are the leaders of the society. Below them, the "beta", "gamma" and so on classes have increasing degrees of damage and form the slave classes of the "brave new world". Of course, we do not grow children artificially and damage some as in the novel. However, we do live in a society which has actually managed to achieve the same effect through different means.

In our real "new world order", the "alpha" class, as in the novel, are unmodified. They are selected genetically and consist of members of certain specific families which, collectively, rule the world. These families generally intermarry among themselves to keep the future members of the "alpha class" in the "family". A good example would be George Bush and John Kerry who ran against each other for president. They are cousins.

The remainder of the people are programmed and controlled through an elaborate system of information management and they pool into groups which pretty closely resemble the "beta", "gamma", etc. classes described in Huxley's novel. Also, people who are not born into a ruling class family and are "too smart" are sent "to the zoo" for brain damage to make them appropriately stupid.

A key management tool for this "brave new world order" is the concept of "need to know". So, if you are a janitor, you need to know where the closet is where the mops and brooms are kept. You don't  need to know what is behind any other door. You don't need to know what your employer does - what product or service the company is associated with. You only need to know how to find the cleaning supplies so you can tidy up the place. If you do the check out in a store, the only thing you need to know is the difference between "boop" and "beep". "Beep" means the scanner registered the item and "boop" means you need to scan it again. Computers do everything else so you don't need to know about any of that.

A simply incredible "need to know" example is illustrated by the staff who prepare the secret "president's daily brief". They produce this newsletter every day but are "specially trained" not to pay attention to what the newsletter says because they do not "need to know" what is says (since it's a secret). They only "need to know" how to physically print it up.

If you are stupid enough to accept and live out your life by these crazy rules then maybe you deserve to be a slave. How much crap are you willing to put up with before you wake up. Suppose the government said it was your duty to help the economy by taking a suicide pill at 65 so social security would not have to pay you. Would you just do it. Are you that stupid. Did you ever question why a group of families run the planet and you need to obey them because they like it that way? Grow up and take your life and your world back.


No, we are not. You may be "in this" but they (your leaders) are not. In past times, in small groups or tribes, the decisions made by a leader affected the group and they equally affected the leader.  However, today, leaders have created their own world. Although they live on the same planet, that is as far as it goes. They don't want to see you. They don't want to hear you. They don't want to smell you. They don't live where you live. They don't eat the food you eat. They don't drink the water you drink. And, they don't even breath the same air you breathe.
Whether it is in the absolute luxury of one of the secret underground cities or in surface installations inaccessible to you, the lifestyle your leaders enjoy and your lifestyle are light years apart. Let's begin with food. Do you really think leaders would eat genetically altered Frankenstein food? You know they are not going to drink tap water loaded with who knows what waste chemicals and traces of drugs.  And, what about the polluted air. No chance. Places where leaders stay use "manufactured air". This means that tanks of the pure liquefied gasses that constitute "perfect theoretical air" (which does not even exist any more in nature on our polluted planet) are carefully mixed in the correct proportions to fill the living spaces and working spaces of the leaders.

You should also realize that you are irrelevant to the leaders. Nothing that happens on the surface of this planet can possibly affect them. You can have wars, demonstrate, riot, make bombs and anything else you want. The leaders could not care less. Your existence is meaningless to them. You can't find them. You can't "vote them out of office" since you never voted them in or even knew there was a secret government. You can't wait for them to die since they live forever. And, it would not be a big deal for them to "manufacture" a new surface population of slaves from frozen embryos if everyone on the surface was somehow killed off.

Now, the good news is that, even though your leaders don't care, there is nothing stopping you from caring about yourself and the others close to you. You can become your own leader. There is no physical difference between the leaders and the "ordinary" people. The only thing different is that a group of families hundreds of years ago decided among themselves that they were somehow special and that it was "only right" that they should rule the world. They methodically dedicated all their time and energy to achieving this and the world you live in is the result. And, they convinced you that you can't manage your own life and need to be controlled and directed.
Exotic high technology may be beyond your grasp, but you have the absolute right as a Soul to access the natural support structure of the Creation. This means, among other things, that you have the right to all knowledge, you have the right to access all of the planes of the Creation for your personal enlightenment according to your abilities and the right to expect and be guaranteed continued positive Spiritual development. You have to choose this course of action. You can last forever but this place cannot. Everything in the created universes has a time limit. When time is up, it goes into dissolution.

Since the physical universe exists in duality, good and evil always exist. However, they generally exist in some state of balance. There are "good guys" to counter the effect of "bad guys" and so on. Our world, unfortunately, has gone completely evil and has essentially become a paradise for evil. In such a situation, perhaps the best choice is just to forget about the place and leave. There will be other planets and civilizations. A new physical universe will eventually come to exist beginning, as always, with a new "Golden Age". These self proclaimed rulers who want to own the Earth, own the air and water, own the sky. Go ahead - take it all. All you have is dust. When dissolution comes, all your priceless treasures will be gone. To answer Jesus' question, "What have you gained if you take the whole world but lose your Soul?" Nothing - you have gained nothing and you have nowhere to go.


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