TEN YEAR WARNING United Nations "Agenda 2030" requires that the population of Homo Sapien Sapiens be reduced to five-hundred million by the year 2030

IGC, the Intergalactic Council, has lawful jurisdiction over the physical universe.  Its authority is part of a logical chain of command beginning with the System Originator, the SO-0.
The primary responsibility of IGC is to enforce the "Prime Directive" which basically states that positive Spiritual evolution shall not be blocked.  Interference with positive Spiritual evolution violates the Prime Directive and justifies ICG intervention.

IGC is primarily concerned with planets capable of travel outside of their native solar system and/or planets which have developed the capability of travel in time.

Other than the single restriction of the Prime Directive, sovereign planets may select any code of social interaction they choose without any concern about IGC interference as long as they do not violate the Prime Directive or interfere with some other civilization in a manner which violates the Prime Directive.

The Planet known as Earth is under the jurisdiction of IGC even though most Homosapiens have never known of it.  The Planet Earth is a special concern for IGC because, even though the general population remains completely unaware, the leaders of Earth have now developed both the capacity for interplanetary travel and time travel.  Of grave concern is the fact that the leaders of Earth refuse to acknowledge the Prime Directive and violate it essentially continuously.
As a citizen of the Earth, therefore, it is felt appropriate, at this point in time, that you are made privy to some of the Council Notes from its deliberations concerning your planet.


Even though the  Homosapien was manufactured from whatever genetic trash was easily available to the alien scientists who made them, they are technically Humanoids and are therefore capable of Spiritual development.

Therefore, in considering any intervention, we must observe the IGC Prime Directive [The Prime Directive, which is the basis of all IGC law, is the principle that all Spiritually capable life forms must be provided with an environment conducive to positive Spiritual progress.  Attempts to interfere with positive Spiritual progress are considered to be Prime Directive violations].
In the past, the opportunity for Spiritual development has existed on the planet Earth and this fact has influenced prior council decisions.

However, it can now be successfully argued that Spiritual progress on the planet has halted and, if anything, the population is Spiritually devolving.

Let us consider the evidence:

The government has embarked on an ambitious program to effectively "weaponize" Spirituality.  They are actively training military personnel to cultivate psychic talents and use them to gain military advantage over "the enemy".  For example, the Vision Quest, used by many cultures in the past for positive purposes such as finding food and avoiding impending disasters, has now been renamed "Remote Viewing", classified "top secret" and is used for military intelligence.
Because the government considers Spiritual skills to be "secret military weapons", it has also embarked upon a program to prevent ordinary people from developing those skills by such means as radio frequency interference and chemical inhibitors added to processed food.

At the same time, it is working overtime to develop all varieties of so called "black magic" skills in its military operatives.

Religious groups, which may actually possess constructive Spiritual knowledge, do not share it with their followers but, instead, use whatever knowledge they have to control and scare those under their influence for the purpose of monetary profit.

Consequently, there is essentially no Spiritual progress occurring on the Earth.


The planet Earth poses no acute threat to galactic security.  However, we dare not underestimate the latent threat to galactic security should these savages embark upon serious interplanetary travels.

If the Earth Homosapien should be allowed to gain a foothold in space, it would, in all likelihood, export its home grown system of deceit and desire for conquest to other susceptible worlds.  We can safely predict, for example, that the Homosapien would likely go to some peaceful and unsuspecting planet, set up an underground nest like it has on the Earth, and then proceed to systematically destabilize the native society by such mechanisms as creating designer viruses and infiltrating the unsuspecting people with agent provocateurs with a goal of making the planet's inhabitants slaves of the Earth Homosapien.

Once such a process started, it could reach a point where it would be very difficult to reverse.
Therefore, it is recommended that this situation be "nipped in the bud" and that the Earth Homosapien be stopped now, before it causes serious and perhaps non reversible damage to other peace loving planets throughout the galaxy.


The planet commonly known as Earth is inhabited by a race known as Homosapien.  Homosapien, which are technically related to the much larger class of beings known as Humanoid, were manufactured eons ago by genetic engineers from an advanced civilization for the specific purpose of slave labor [mining gold is the generally accepted excuse for creating them].

The genetic encoding of the Homosapien is crude and sloppy using the simplest viable method of double strand DNA [other civilizations are based on at least three and usually four or more strands of DNA].

By error or incompetence, the Homosapien has a genetic predisposition towards violence against essentially everything [the lower animals, etc. - and also against fellow Homosapien].  It does not appear that this error in the encoding can be reversed. This ineptness in the manufacture of the Homosapien can possibly be explained away by noting that the slave labor force was originally designed to be temporary and was to be destroyed when no longer needed.  Indeed, attempts were made and recorded in ancient Earth books to do exactly this.  However, they were not entirely successful and the Homosapien survived and repopulated the Earth.

Today, the original manufactures and warders are long gone and the Homosapien has been left to its own devises and inclinations which have resulted in a society based on deceit where various groups of Homosapien constantly try to take over the planet resulting in a state of never ending war.  Also, on a lower level, individual and small groups of Homosapien spend their time scheming up ways to gain advantage over other Homosapiens in an effort to accumulate material goods.
There have been many contacts with Earth leaders, especially during the last 100 years, from benevolent advanced civilizations who have tried unsuccessfully to persuade Earth leaders to reform and seek a path which could allow it to join the society of advanced civilizations.  Earth leaders have been offered a variety of advanced technologies which could be used to improve the lives of the population.  In some cases, the offers were simply refused, Earth leaders preferring business as usual to any legitimate progress.  In other cases, offers were accepted only to have the technology misused to further enslave and generally harm the masses of the Earth.  We see no legitimate reason to continue to play with Earth leadership in the hope that they may someday decide to change their ways.  There is ample evidence to support the argument that this will never happen and continuing interaction with Earth is a simply a fruitless waste of time and effort.

In the past, the Planet Earth has been treated as a curiosity by advanced civilizations, its bizarre activities being confined to its own solar system.  Some souls from highly advanced civilizations have even chosen to incarnate into a Homosapien body to seek the thrill of a lifetime in a place where all civilized codes of human interaction had long ago been abandoned.

However, this passive approach is now impractical because the planet has developed the means to leave its solar system and such an event would pose a threat to the peace and security of the galaxy.  Therefore, the point has now been reached where a final solution has become necessary.
In summary, we find ourselves faced with a planet run by genetically enhanced Orangutans whose creators have abandoned them and who have evolved into a race of violent, unpredictable warriors, developed space travel capabilities and, having trashed the Earth, now seek to exploit and dominate peaceful societies on other planets.

Regardless of the mechanics of the solution ultimately adopted, the existence of the Earth Homosapien must end.  Physically, it is a manufactured creature, an abomination of nature, which therefore has no natural [GOD given] right to exist.

----Respectfully submitted to DDMC Command by WWSV,  SOIC ;


The current physical creation [universe] is expected to go into dissolution at a point within the next 30 years.  As the scheduled event draws closer, we will do watches and warnings.  However, at this point, we wish to go over the general events involved.  Dissolutions are scheduled events.  The time of dissolution is preset at the time of creation, when the so called "singularity" which creates a physical universe is initialized, and therefore cannot be changed.  The event is determined by this time function only and has no relationship to people being "good" or "bad".  It is strictly mechanical. 

The upcoming dissolution is a "minor dissolution" which will effect the physical and astral planes only.  To survive such a dissolution in an alert state, a Soul must be at least competent at the level of the causal plane.  Those less competent will go into suspense at the lower levels of the causal plane where they will remain until the physical and astral planes are recreated.  This will be a period equal to the period of the existence of the previous creation.  Because of this, the alert Souls will complete their lower world development tasks on the causal and mental planes and then leave for the upper Spiritual planes.  They will not experience physical reality again unless they choose to return to a new creation someday as a developed Spiritual Master on assignment.  The new creation will be populated by the Souls in suspense and will begin with a "golden age" and gradually progress through the classic four stages until it, too, goes into dissolution.  These standardized cycles continue, essentially, indefinitely.

Here we wish to discuss one of the functions of IGC which is planetary analysis.  By now you should know that life forms are basically energy constructs.  When they exist in a physical dimension, they can be described or cataloged by a form identifier such as UO and a state of consciousness level identifier such as 22 for primarily material and 31 for primarily Spiritual.  These lead to the standard codes such as, e.g., "UO-3108".

Since developing Souls have many lifetimes, when we look at the life forms on a planet, we want to determine the "loopback point".  This is the plane where the average Soul is likely to spend the period between lifetimes.  In the case of Earth, the loopback point is a lower Astral zone generally called the "belief system area".  Earth has been aptly described as a planet where the inhabits spend their time in a state of tribal warfare.

Let's take a closer look at how this dynamic operates.  In the first place, the belief system region of the Astral world exists because the power of peoples' beliefs created it.  Whenever you have a reasonably large enough group of people who strongly believe in something - anything - the power of the belief creates this reality in the Astral world, a very pliant medium which is shaped by thought.  So, when a member of one of the "tribes" who has spent his life fighting against one or more other tribes to defend his "belief" dies, he finds himself in the corresponding belief system zone on the Astral plane which he generally thinks is "heaven".  Now, all the other belief systems are here also, but the belief system zone in horizontally compartmentalized so people only see their belief system.  Since they are in familiar surroundings which reflect and support their belief and with friends, there is a period of positive reinforcement.  When they reincarnate back into the same social group, the subconscious impressions or samskaras will lead them to repeat their previous life which will generally mean that they will die fighting someone referenced to a different belief system.  At this point, the whole process repeats.

What would be a "fix" for a situation like this?  Well, the natural fix would be to get the mean state of consciousness above the belief system zone to a higher Astral plane with more homogeneous constructs.  Then, they could spend their physical lives in harmony or at least more harmony.

Local leaders have proposed more radical solutions.  The most popular is to simply eliminate all belief systems except one.  Then there would be peace because there would be no one else to fight with.  This "solution", which calls for a limited and carefully screened population of about 500 million, is, of course, not actually a solution at all.  The population would still loopback from the belief system zone, essentially indefinitely.  The only difference would be that everyone would be referenced to the same belief system which would be just as illusionary as any other belief system.

The leaders are also locked in a belief system.  They are actually more "frozen" in the evolution than the ordinary population because they are using life extension technology.

All this mess, of course, naturally clears itself with dissolution.  When we observe these pockets of stagnation, we can truly appreciate the wisdom of the Creator and understand why periodic dissolutions were programmed into the Causal matrix.


All of the so called “intelligent life forms” on the planet Earth are manufactured or genetically modified [GM] creatures.  The Homosapien did not come into existence thru any natural evolution and certainly not by any “act of GOD”.

Thousands of years ago a race known as the  Annanuki sent a exploration team to Earth which reported large supplies of various important elements [gold in particular].  Let’s pause here to note that advanced civilizations do not seek gold to make jewelry for their sweeties.  Special preparations of gold are used to greatly extend the physical life span and to extend it indefinitely in most cases.

Based on the team’s report, the Annanuki decided to send an occupation force to the Earth and proceed to extract the desired elements and minerals.

Because of their level of technology, they decided to manufacture slaves to do the work since there were no naturally occurring intelligent creatures living on the Earth [ just a guess, but if there had been they would have most likely enslaved them].

The Orangutan was selected as the base for the new GM slave.  There are many similarities to the Homosapien which you can check in any good reference such as gestation time of 9 months, only one child born at a time,  good intelligence [use tools, etc.] and all the basic Homosapien physical attributes.

Once the base creature had been selected, pig DNA was added for some reason.  This is why, when the “religious books” were written to keep the new slave in line thru fear and superstition, there were prohibitions against eating pork.  It was feared that if they developed a taste for pork, they might become cannibals.

Now, to the base mix, the Annanuki began to add some of their own genetic material to increase the intelligence of the slave to the desired level.  This act by the Annanuki caused an unnatural acceleration in the evolution of life on Earth of about one million years.

We need to discuss here the concept of maturity which comes as a function of time.  Naturally evolved creatures have “earned the right” to exist in this world.  They respect the natural environment and use it wisely.  However, the GM  Homosapien was basically given dominion over this place “overnight” without going thru the million year evolutionary process that it would have taken to arrive at its status naturally.

This may explain why the Homosapien has no respect for the environment and no respect for its fellow Homosapien.  It just “skipped too many grades” in Nature’s school to have the maturity needed to respect and manage the world [Earth] which it now controls.

There were about 100 slave models which continue to exist today.  Races are clearly a method used to mark a particular GM product so that it could be easily recognized.  It is not normal in a naturally evolved  advanced civilization, to have a bunch of races.  They generally all look pretty much the same.

Races and the various race subgroups were prepared for their slave duties by adding just enough alien DNA to get the intelligence up to the level required for the task and also programming a predisposition to do the desired work.  Because of the care in deliberately creating races, it is doubtful that there was any thought given to the possibility that they would interbreed, since this would defeat the original purpose of their manufacture.

The original models could not reproduce and, because mining is hard physical work, most likely tended to look masculine as opposed to feminine.  The ability to reproduce was added later, so it is technically proper to say that woman was a secondary creation.

Now, we have the original Homosapien creations in place and properly prepared for their slave duties.

The first, shall we say, unanticipated event is recorded in the bible:

“There were giants [the Annanuki] in the Earth at that time, and also afterward, when the sons of god [children of the Annanuki] came into [fucked] the daughters of men.”

The commentary describes the offspring as “mighty men” but, logically, 50% should have been women.  So, now, for each original GM model, we have the possibility of a further enhanced version.  Say the original slave had 20-30% alien DNA, then the enhanced model would have 70-80% alien DNA – a considerable jump.  And, if this new model was successfully mated again with an alien, you begin a sequence whereby the slave could approach the level of the master.
When their mission ended, the Annanuki left Earth.  It appears they tried to exterminate the GM slaves they created but were not entirely successful and so the Earth is populated today by the survivors of this event.  They generally have no clue about any of this and live in a state of “blissful denial” having created a host of bizarre belief systems to explain away their origin and provide false hope as to their future.

NOTE:  Perhaps in the range of 15 to 20 years back, scientists proposed a plan to genetically enhance lower animals [monkeys] using human DNA to make a slave to do menial chores. The plan was widely reported in the press at that time but was opposed by the churches.  After that, it was not discussed again publicly but you can bet the program continued as a so called “black project”.  So here we have the manufactured slave following in the footsteps of its creator and seeking to create its own brand of GM slave.


Souls are eternal – bodies are temporary.  Souls have a relationship with GOD – bodies do not.  Souls use bodies and the “spread” created by time in the created worlds to have experiences which contribute to their positive growth.

When the Annanuki created the Homosapien, they made a creature which was evolved about one million years ahead of any creature which existed on the Earth at that time.  The souls of the existing creatures were too immature to use these new bodies and the souls of the Annanuki were too advanced to use them. Also, many lower life forms are based on the concept of the “group soul”.  What this means is that, for example, a class of insect may have only one Soul or Oversoul.  This is why insects all over the world may perform some activity at exactly the same time when they have no obvious method of intercommunication.  They are all “physical extensions” of the same soul.  Scientists have no clue about this but have documented it and coined the phrase “Quantum Neural Resonance” to describe it.

So, where did the souls come from to animate the new creations?

Well, it appears that some souls from the Astral plane [beings on the Astral plane can directly observe activities on the Physical plane if they choose] became curious about the opportunities afforded by these new bodies and decided to try them out.  However, they were in for a surprise because, once in the GM body, they found themselves trapped and they lost previous memories.  Their soul was suppressed and their actions and motivations were based solely on the genetic programming written by the Annanuki.

Many of these souls are still trapped here today.

It should be noted that this is not normal and is due to the unnatural characteristics of the manufactured GM bodies.  Naturally evolved life forms do not lose memory from incarnation to incarnation.  Life is continuous for them.  Therefore, they do not fear death and cannot be intimidated by crazy "afterlife" stories.  The error in the manufacture of the Homosapien, whether deliberate or accidental, does contribute to the creation of an ideal slave.  It will  believe anything it is taught because it has no other reference source to use and can easily be controlled by propaganda and belief systems.

A strong soul can override the genetic commands, identify with its “higher self” and escape this place but it is not easy.

We try to urge people to choose paths and make decisions that will lead to freedom from the influences of this place but few listen.

What rights, if any, does a GM creature have?

If you manufacture a green cat, for example, can you call up the EPA and say, “Hi.  I just made a green cat and, since it is the only green cat in the world, I want special protection under the Endangered Species laws for my creation.”

Think they would take you seriously?

Now, suppose you make a talking dog.  So now the dog is arguing, “I was watching TV and there are issues I am concerned about.  When is the next election?  Also, I called the employment office and there are no jobs for dogs so I demand government benefits so I can buy meat and bones.”
Are you really going to listen to this crap?

Remember, now, that you, the Homosapien, are a GM creature.  So why should any naturally evolved member of the intergalactic community care what you think or need or want?

There is an Intergalactic Court of Justice and the Annanuki have now been summoned to explain their interference with the natural evolution on the Earth and why they created a dangerous GM creature and then left that creature unsupervised on the earth – free to do whatever it wanted – which has resulted in further degradation of the natural environment.

The Annanuki must obey whatever the court orders.

The decision has not yet been handed down, however one very real possibility is that the court will order the Annanuki to correct the damage they did to the best of their ability.

This would mean that a new occupation force would be sent to Earth to hunt down and exterminate all GM life forms.  Then, the planet would need to be protected from any new outside interference.  Recon teams would check back in a million years or so to see if any intelligent life had naturally evolved.  If it had, then first contact protocols could be initiated.


As we have discussed, the leaders of Earth have chosen the left hand path or the path of evil.  Because of this, the planet will most likely need to be destroyed because the level of evil is now so deep that it is no longer reversible.  Let us suppose, just for the sake of argument, that the leaders back in the 1940's and at points prior to this had consistently chosen Option 1 or the right hand path of Good opposed to Option 2 or the left hand path of evil.  What kind of world would you live in today if the leaders had chosen Option 1.


The leaders would have rejected interactions with evil races such as the insectoid "Grey" people and would have chosen instead to make alliances with more positive races such as the Pladieans.  This would have led to acceptance by IGC and implementation of  IGC law.  Alien visits would have never been hidden and the people of today would all know that they were not "alone" in the universe.  There would have been no motivation to construct the global underground network of secret cities and installations.  The energy used for such projects would have been used, instead, for the betterment of mankind.

The basic fact that Earth homosapiens are GM creatures is not, in itself, a basis for condemnation.  The basis for condemnation is the fact that these creatures lack maturity and wisdom and consistently choose evil over good at every opportunity.  In an Option 1 scenario it is assumed that the Earth natives would have been perceived as more humble creatures seeking to learn and better themselves as opposed to savages constantly engaged in tribal warfare.


The world wars and other major wars would have never occurred.


Planets are free to design their own justice system.  However, their laws cannot conflict with IGC law and they must accept the IGP [Inter-Galactic Police] on their planet.  IGP agents can arrest persons who violate IGC law and take them away for obliteration so that they can never again manifest in the physical universe.  Consequently, the general population has a guarantee of a lifetime free from the influence of such types as black magicians, evil scientists, psychic criminals and the like.  Because of this, under Option 1, all of the various secret government mind control programs would have never come into existence.


Most of the religion industry violates IGC law and therefore would not exist under Option 1.  The only elements which would continue to exist would be legitimate psychic and Spiritual schools such as schools of metaphysics which were operated by competent persons and used only for positive psychic and Spiritual development.

Conventional religion, which uses fear, false hope and distorted belief systems to enslave people and extort money/services from the ignorant, would be prohibited under IGC law and would not exist.


Most of the medical industry would not exist.  This is because all known diseases already have safe and effective cures as well as prevention methods.  Because your government chose Option 2, certain cures are kept secret and are available only to the ruling class.  This is for population control and also for the economic success of the medical industry which gets to sell high priced treatments which are guaranteed not to work and therefore allows them to steal all your assets and then let you die anyway.

In addition to normal testing for safety, drugs which cause psychic damage are prohibited under IGC law.  Psychic damage is damage to the Astral body or the "aura" of a person.  Such damage would be visible as "holes" under such scanning methods as Kirlian photography.  Under this restriction many drugs in use today - including almost all psychiatric drugs - would never have come into general use.

Under Option 1, there would be no secret cures and the manufacture diseases that were deliberately created to kill people - such as AIDS - would have never occurred.


The energy industry would be significantly changed because all of the "free energy" technology which is either classified or suppressed in some other way would be made available to all.  There would be little use for oil and basic access to energy would be free and guaranteed to everyone.


The Universe and its basic attributes were not created by the Souls that inhabit it and they do not own it.  They do not own the planet they live on.  They do not own the sun.  They do not own the air and water.  These things are for collective use and cannot be owned by a few with the intent of enslaving others.  People have the right to a certain amount of private space for themselves and families.  No one can own a living life form - even if they create it.  This is because no one can own the animating force - the soul - which causes the life form to be alive.  Life forms are the property of the animating Soul for as long as they remain alive.

Under Option 1, the population would need to accept the general philosophy that the universe was created as a training matrix for their Spiritual development.  Their goal should be to use this training matrix to grow spiritually so that they can evolve and eventually leave this physical existence.  The desire to cling to this place or to any of its attributes is not productive.


The planet Earth presently produces enough food to feed three worlds the size of Earth.  People do not go hungry because there is a lack of food.  They go hungry because the world is controlled by evil people who chose Option 2.

Under Option 1, there would be no hunger on the Earth.  There would also be no overpopulation because citizens of the Earth would be free to leave it and live on any other inhabitable planet in the physical universe.


Under Option 1, levels of psychic and Spiritual development among the general population would increase.

Because the economic and political environment under Option 2 can only exist in a very narrow band of consciousness, it would experience major changes.  Under Option 2, the state of consciousness of the general population is artificially kept low by such methods as arranging for constant war and filling people's minds with thoughts of hate and fear thus inhibiting any positive Spiritual development.


The political industry could not exist in its present form under Option 1.  Secrecy would not be possible under Option 1 because the ability to do such practices as remote viewing would become common as the general state of consciousness increased.

Secret government projects in areas such as mind control could not exist because anyone involved in such work would be arrested by IGP and taken away for obliteration.

Any remaining political structure would have to resign itself to operating honestly and with complete transparency.


The economic industry would need to be seriously restructured under Option 1.

Technology and the desire for it is not a attribute of a Spiritually advanced civilization.  The driving mechanisms of  "dialectical materialism" and "economic determinism" would have no power under Option 1.


Individual ownership of a reasonable amount of land and personal property would continue under Option 1, however the change in overall philosophy would be that people do not own the Earth and have a duty to respect it, care for it, and act in a manner that is in harmony with nature.


The concept of intellectual property would not exist under Option 1.  This is because all knowledge already exists and can be accessed by anyone who "reaches for it" where it is stored on higher planes.  Therefore knowledge, like the air and water, is a provided thing by the creator and cannot be "owned" by anyone.

There are inernet reports, by example, that the man who discovered the structure of DNA was, in fact, on a LSD "trip" at the time which would have caused him to access knowledge stored on a higher plane.


When you design a social order based on lies and deceptions, a tremendous amount of your total resources must be diverted to maintain the deception.  You need to fund a whole assortment of spies, secret police, assassins and the like to ensure that the general population never learns the truth.  By some estimates, the United States spends 75% of its resources just to maintain the false illusion of reality it has created.  Under Option 1, these resources would be freed up and could be used to provide for a better quality of life for all instead of the present system of a great life for the elite and guaranteed misery for the general population.


In a typical N3 level society, the basic needs of life are provided and guaranteed.  This means that the society guarantees a basic level "creature comforts" to all members such as food, clothing and shelter from the elements as well as any desired education.  Beyond this, since it is generally boring to do nothing at all, it is the individual's choice as to what he or she wants to do with their life.  However, whatever they choose, they should never fear hardship due to lack of basic needs.



Do Nothing.  This is unacceptable because the Soulless creatures have left Earth and now pose a clear danger to natural life forms in the galaxy.


Destroy the planet Earth.  This is unacceptable because all life forms with the exception of the artificially created homo sapien sapien group are living in compliance with the Universal Laws and either have individual Souls or operate under a group Soul and so are creatures recognized by the Creator as legitimate life forms.  Only about 2% of the homo sapien sapien creatures have Souls.  Originally, none of these creatures had a Soul because they were manufactured and not ordained by the Creator.  It appears that, over time, wandering Souls chose to interface with these Soulless forms, became trapped in the extreme negativity present here and were unable to escape and so have remained trapped here.


Erase the homo sapien sapien forms from existence.  They have no standing with the Creator since they were manufactured.  All off world installations created by these creatures are to be destroyed.  Their presence is to be erased from existence.  The Souls of the 2% of these creatures who have become associated with a Soul are to be collected and turned over to IGP for judgment.  Those Souls who have chosen the left hand path are to be sentenced to banishment and will never return to this dimension.  Those Souls who have chosen the right hand path or are immature and uncommitted are to be allowed to incarnate in a legitimate physical form appropriate for their level of Spiritual development.  This is the only acceptable alternative which would comply with Universal Law and Directive One.

Alternative 3 is ordered under SO-1 authority.


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