[Here we are discussing the dark side or "black side" of contemporary allopathic medicine]


As we now know, almost ten thousand Nazi scientists were secretly imported into the US at the end of World War II. They set up shop here, were given new identities, and generally continued the work they had been doing for Hitler. This work included some pretty outrageous medical experiments on humans. Because of this, there were the Nuremberg trials and international rules on human experiments which became known as the Nuremberg Code. However, all this was just for show and propaganda purposes. No significant doctors or scientists were taken to these trials and no one ever intended to follow the new international rules prohibiting human experiments. In fact, things were to get much worse. The human Experiments conducted in the US far exceeded anything ever done before, even in the Soviet Union [1].

To make sure no one found out and that anyone who did could be quickly "disappeared", the US passed the National Security Act in 1947 and set up the NSA. Remember, national security has absolutely nothing to do with your security as a "sheeple" citizen. Rather, it is to prevent you from finding out what your government is really doing with your money. With your taxes, you are (secretly) financing your own destruction.


The Nazi scientists settled in and got right to work. The first human experiment project, MK Ultra, ran from approximately the 1950's through the 1970's and included about 149 subprojects. Its primary focus was mind control of the masses or "sheeple". Additionally, the elite wanted reliable technology so that they could live physically forever and continue - in secret, of course - to rule this planet indefinitely.

MK Ultra was a period of basic research using "destructive testing" on unwilling people who were generally killed at the conclusion of whatever experiment they were part of. Scientists routinely kill lab animals when the experiment they are used for ends. This is standard practice. The human "research animals" faced a similar fate. However, a few survived and some tell their story in the documentary [1].


With the completion of the basic research phase, it was time to move on to applied research. This took place in the 1980's with the secret projects known as Montauk and Monarch as well as some lesser known secret human experiment projects.

We have a detailed description of Montauk in the book [2] and in the many free you tube videos by Al Bielek.

This project dealt with programming people to become what became known as "Manchurian Candidates". This process was considered to have been perfected and many of these programmed people are alive today waiting to be "activated" by some secret spoken phrase or a sequence of tones which could be played over the phone. This concept is illustrated in the fiction movie "TELEFON" which was produced quite a few years ago. If you can find a copy and watch it, you will never forget it. It is rather intense.


With all the basic techniques perfected, research continued with Project Marathon and others.

Today, the central facility for secret human experiments for all of North America is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Officially, it is known as the new VA hospital and the new University Medical Center operated by LSU. Tulane University is not specifically mentioned, however both Tulane and LSU were part of the original MK Ultra project and doctors from both schools generally cooperate.

This new facility has just opened. It will likely be years - if ever - before we get information from some whistleblower on exactly what human experiments are taking place there.

Guantanamo is an interesting facility. To begin with, you need to understand that no prisoner at Guantanamo is capable of giving the government any actionable intelligence about the 9/11 psyop. As documented in the movie "Zeitgeist", 9/11 involved a preplanned controlled demolition of the affected buildings. There were no planes. These were added later by video editing. In fact, planes with the same serial numbers as those supposedly destroyed continued to fly in normal service for years. Citizens of other countries, walking around in their homeland, were confounded when they heard on the news that they had just been killed crashing planes on the other side of the world in the US.

Therefore, what is the real purpose of the Guantanamo prison. Based upon what we know happens there, it appears to be another human experiment. This experiment appears to be concerned with how much torture a person can endure and still survive. We know some prisoners did not. However, most did. The people selected were young men and the intention appears to have been to hold them for life and experiment on them with different bizarre torture techniques. There also appears to be another subproject involving using torture to convert these innocent men into programmed operatives who would be returned to their own country but be
secretly under US control.

A military officer, interviewed on RT, complained that he had the highest security clearance possible which he felt was TS/SCI (Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmentalized Intelligence) but he was not allowed in sections of Guantanamo. A little common sense should tell you, then, that TS/SCI is not the "highest possible clearance". For one thing, TS/SCI does not allow access to most areas where aliens operate.

Also note the participation of professionals such as licensed medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. The American Psychological Association has admitted it endorses torture of human beings and sees no problem in its members using their expert knowledge to design ways to torture people. The medical doctors at Guantanamo reportedly observe the torture of prisoners so they can tell the torturers to stop just before they kill the person. Then the prisoner is patched up and tortured again. This goes on indefinitely. This is probably the highest level of "black medicine" ever observed.

According to Shakar Aamer, who was recently released from Guantanamo, “Guantanamo is being run by one concept – how to destroy a human being” and "Guantanamo is being run by psychologists, by psychiatrists." [6]


The influence that the philosophy of capitalism has on our existence and quality of life is incredible. The power this destructive construct cannot be underestimated. Some things may benefit from a capitalist model, however medical care is not one of those things.

Love is another area which cannot truly exist if linked to money. The two concepts are not compatible and, therefore, the legal system which associates partnerships between couples with everything they own makes it essentially impossible to have legitimate love.

Obviously, some people love capitalism. You would too if you were a billionaire. However, this is a social model which places people in the same type of construct as wild animals. You can never relax. You have enemies who will kill you and eat you if they catch you. You know that if you are hurt or weak, some other animal will sense this and attack you and kill you. So, you dare not show weakness.

This is what you face in capitalist based US medicine. One illness can wipe out everything you own. You know that no one cares about you and the doctors are prostitutes whose friendship and help depend upon how much money you have. You know if you ever run out of money, you are dead. No one cares and no one will help. This is a ridiculous way to live in a supposedly civilized society. And, it really only exists in the United States where elites get everything and you search for crumbs from day to day to survive.


Balancing The Books

Clearly, there are people who benefit from contemporary allopathic medicine. However, at what cost? How many people are killed (scientists like the term "sacrificed") so that others may benefit. For many years, the people who called themselves "doctors" didn't take baths and never washed their hands. As "scientists", they believed that wild theories about "germs" were crazy talk because no one had seen a germ and therefore they did not exist. Even after the invention of the microscope which allowed you to see germs, they remained skeptical and ignored this "newfangled" gadget.

Do you know how the original knowledge of human anatomy was discovered. Jesuit priests kidnapped innocent people, tied them down and cut them open while still alive so they could see what was going on under the skin. Obviously, they did not live long so they would observe as much as they could before the victim died and then throw that person away and cut up the next victim to continue "observing" where they left off. And you think Hitler was bad.

So, when we balance the books and calculate how many people have been helped by "modern" medicine as compared to how many people needed to die to obtain the information needed to help those who benefited, we must consider factors such as:

1. All the people and babies who died from needless infections during the period when doctors refused to wash their hands.

2. All the people who have cancer today and will therefore likely die because of the sexually transmitted cancer causing SV-40 virus which was in the original polio vaccines.

3. All the people killed or maimed by the vaccine industry - so many that their lobbyists paid to have laws passed making them immune from lawsuits.

4. All the people killed in secret medical experiments such as MK Ultra in the US and deliberately infecting people with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala and other countries.

5. All the people killed or injured by research on the poor and helpless so that this information could be used to later help the rich and influential.

6. All the people killed by medical mistakes due to incompetence.

7. All the relatively healthy people who die due to sloppy and unsanitary conditions in hospitals.

And, this is just a short list!

Inadequacies in the Allopathic Medical Model

Classic Allopathic medicine - the kind ordinary people receive - uses a one dimensional model. They only consider the physical dimension. Unfortunately, human beings exist in five dimensions at once, namely, Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental and Spiritual (Soul). Consequently, if you go to a doctor with a complaint which is primarily physical like, for example, a broken bone which is obvious in the physical dimension, you would likely get good service. However, of your issue involves other dimensions allopathic doctors deny exist, your chances of recovery would be decreased.

Krlian photography was developed by a Russian and Russia openly admits [7] that there is more to people than just the physical dimension. The US not only refuses to admit this but actively suppresses technology that would prove this.

Essentially everything in this book:

would be considered top secret in the United States today. If you can find a copy, you should grab it. Over one hundred years ago, Kilner was using special filters made with dicyanin dye to allow himself and anyone else to directly view the human aura. By studying the aura, he was able to view and predict disease before it manifested in the physical body and prevent the disease from ever occurring. Obviously, this knowledge would put contemporary allopathic medicine out of business. That's why it is now top secret and why you cannot buy dicyanin die. This technology, however, is in use in top secret medicine which is one reason why the elites stay remarkably healthy. Conventional allopathic medicine refuses to recognize the existence of disease until it physically manifests. By then, in many cases, it is too late to do much about it.

Profit is All That Counts

When you call to make an appointment with a doctor, what is the first question they ask you? If you guessed "what's wrong" you would be dead wrong. The first question is, "how are you going to pay us". And, if they don't like your answer, the conversation ends there. Did you realize hospitals use a computer program to list - based upon your diagnosis - what tests your insurance will pay for. They will make sure you get all of those tests whether you need them or not to run up the bill as high as possible. The computer program will also tell them how much money they can collect from your insurance. If it is too low, they will refuse to admit you.

Everything is about money. Nothing is about your well being. Rather, it is about the well being of the hospital's bank account. They plan to collect whether you live or die, so your fate is irrelevant. But, money is not.

The Protection Racket

You probably know the story of the "mob" selling "protection" (from itself). If you buy protection, you get left alone. Otherwise, you get your knuckles broken or whatever. US medicine appears to be in a similar business where it scares people with the threat of some terrible disease (which it may have deliberately created) and then sells "protection" to the helpless people in the form of some vaccine.

Did you ever wonder why every year there is a "flu season" and why every year you are supposed to run out and get your flu shot. When did this crap start. The government is so eager for you to get your shot that they will offer it for free and, where possible, force you to get it as a condition to keep your job or stay in school or college. Strange, because people who are really sick are turned away from help unless they can pay.

You know, the United States loves to give people shots. It was the United States that deliberately infected Africa with the designer virus AIDS secretly added to free vaccinations. Then, the US military decided to take out the gays (which they hated and still do) by setting up free clinics in California giving free hepatitis vaccinations secretly laced with AIDS. Before that, the US went to Guatemala and secretly infected people with syphilis hidden in more "free vaccines" (search using "us infects guatemala with syphilis").

With modern gene editing technology, scientists could turn out a new killer virus every day if they wanted to. Legitimate governments would never permit this but your government is run by sociopaths and psychopaths and they really could not care less about you. To them, you are just "free range lab animals". And, if you don't wake up pretty quick, you will soon be dead lab animals when "the great culling" begins.


My grandmother was a young woman when the FDA came into existence. There was no regulation of drugs before the establishment of the FDA. She related a story about diet pills. People who took the pills lost weight and so sales were booming. However, they did not realize that the pills contained a tapeworm larvae. Every time they took a pill, they got another tapeworm. Since there was no treatment for tapeworms at that time, they eventually died.

Bayer (Bayer Aspirin) had invented heroin. They freely sold kits containing some heroin, a syringe to inject it and, hopefully, some instructions. It was sold for "headaches" and other problems. Of course, people quickly became addicted and sales flourished. Some of the old kits still exist and have been shown on documentaries. Search using "bayer heroin kits" for more detailed information.

Now, because of events like this, the FDA was established to regulate drugs. At first, they did a good job. However, as time passed, the pharmaceutical companies grew larger and larger. Today, the pharmaceutical lobby in congress is the largest lobby. They have tons of money and several lobbyists for every member of congress. With their financial power, they have effectively taken control of the FDA and its key people are actually from the drug companies and act as agents for the drug companies. Therefore, the situation has now returned to the way things were before the FDA existed. The FDA still approves drugs as "safe and effective". However, they generally approve anything submitted to them even though they know the new drug is dangerous and the clinical trial data submitted has either been altered to erase adverse events or been completely falsified because no clinical trials ever actually took place at all [8]. Unfortunately, most people don't know the FDA has been "hijacked" and, believing drugs to be both safe and effective, many people die from legal prescription drugs each year.


As an "average American", you need to understand your true place in society. America is not a democracy and it never was. America is, today, an oligarchy. It is run by essentially a private club or cult of elites. You are not a member of this club. The elites all know each other and are generally all friends. They operate in a top secret world you have no idea even exists. They consider themselves to be the only citizens of the United States. You are not a citizen. You are a surf, slave and subject. However, it gets worse because, in today's America, you have become essentially livestock. That is all you are from the perspective of the elite. Even though, obviously, everyone is basically made from the same "stuff", the elites believe they are "exceptional" and therefore above you and entitled to use you as they please.

Need people for medical experiments? Just kidnap whoever you want. Your alien friends are hungry and like the taste of humans. No problem. Tell them to abduct anyone they please - eat them, experiment on them, take them home for pets or anything else they may want. Two million children simply disappear in the United States every year. Information eventually surfaces on about half of them but the other million simply vanish without a trace. Everyone likes kids for crazy research projects and as candidates to be programmed into sex slaves and covert operatives. The military recruits young people because older people would begin to catch on to things and would run away as far as they could. They learned this the hard way when they began going after college kids to be drafted and sent to Vietnam. These kids were old enough to know the truth.  The violent blowback shut down the draft, ended the war and flat out scared the elites who never guessed that the people - those ordinary "trash" people - would ever revolt against their masters. But, they did.


Allopathic medicine, especially in the US, is designed to make money. Like any capitalist industry, anything which negatively impacts your profit is a threat which must be eliminated. The Rockefeller family was instrumental in setting up this industry and they are all about profit. It is said that, by the end of the 1960's, effective cures for essentially all known diseases had been perfected and are locked away at the Rockefeller Institute. Medicine can't make money if people don't get sick. So, people are deliberately allowed to get sick from preventable or curable illnesses so that the industry profits remain high.

Anyone who somehow rediscovers one of the suppressed cures is a threat to the industry and so must be eliminated in the interest of protecting profit which is considered to be a priority above all else. So, when Dr. Bradstreet developed a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF, the establishment moved quickly to kill him and seize all records and evidence of his work [5]. He became an "unperson".

There are many examples of this. Bradstreet is by no means an isolated case. Healthy people threaten industry profits. Therefore, anyone who develops or rediscovers legitimate cures must be quickly killed. It is a continuing process and thousands of "threats" have been eliminated and will continue to be as long as the current profit model exists. It's just a necessary part of having a successful business.


The Katrina Murders

After hurricane Katrina, some hospitalized patients were deliberately killed using lethal drug combinations. This single paragraph from the official hospital record pretty much sums up what happened:

A major news organization had to sue to get this record. To read the complete file, use this link

For more details search using the phrase "katrina hospital murders."

Now, it would be very difficult for any reasonable person to read the paragraph above and interpret it to be something other than a confession to premeditated murder. However, nothing happened to Dr Anna Poe.  Although she was prosecuted personally by Louisiana's attorney general at that time, Charles Foti, he could not obtain an indictment. However, it appears that many documents including the one above were never seen by the grand jury. Later, local New Orleans TV stations showed Dr. Poe at a "victory celebration" held at Tulane University. Although Poe got away scot free, Charles Foti did not. He failed to be reelected and appears to have been excommunicated from Louisiana politics.

Hospitals Dump Patients on the Street

When US hospitals feel someone can't pay them they put them in a cab with instructions to take them away and dump them on the street somewhere. A video of this appears in the documentary "Sicko" by Michael Moore. You can watch a clip of this here:

RT [3] reports a story of a female who was told to leave the hospital even though she complained she still needed medical help. The hospital called the police to drag her out. They did and then she died in the hospital parking lot. Everything was recorded by the police dash cam.


Some things simply don't work well under capitalism which places profit above all else. Medicine is one of those things. That is why all developed countries in the world except the United States use socialized medicine. When you put profit above human life, bad things happen. The United States has the highest priced medical care in the world. However, the quality of care in the United States is somewhere between that of Costa Rica and Slovenia according to the World Health Organization [4].

When socialized medicine is used, the doctor gets a fixed salary. The doctor can then devote all his energy to what he was trained to do: keep people healthy and cure disease. Some countries take this a step further and charge the doctor a penalty if too many of his patients are not healthy. This is the exact opposite of the model used in the United States. In the United States, doctors make more money the more sick their patients get. In some other countries, doctors make less money if their patients get sick. Obviously, in those countries, as you might guess, patients generally stay healthy.


No. Only a complete regime change in the US government could alter the status quo. This, unfortunately, will never happen barring some dramatic event like civil war.


[1] Documentary: "CIA: Covert Experiments" RT Network

[2] Book: "Montauk Revisited" by Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon ISBN 0-9631889-1-7








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