People occasionally write and ask for biographical data. Since most of my books have now been published, I will present some basic biographical data here for those who are interested.


I understand it was a stormy night when I came into this world around 5 AM. Back then, in the days before computers, records were kept in large paper books. The book in use at that time was Book "O". The document number for my original birth certificate was "704". So the location ID was "O-704". This was the number printed on the original legal birth certificate.


Father served in World War I, attended the Sorbonne in Paris, and later received a law degree from Tulane University. He died when I was young, before an age where you would be likely to have serious talks about things.  Although he had an active law license and was a member in good standing of the Louisiana Bar Association, he was not practicing law at any time I can remember. He was making a living selling encyclopedias. As a kid, it did not occur to me to question why a licensed attorney was selling encyclopedias. However, later, after he died, I happened to meet someone who knew him well. He explained that my father was held in the highest respect by all who knew him. After completing law school, however, he realized that it was impossible to practice law in Louisiana without becoming a criminal. Since the only way he could avoid a life of crime was to avoid practicing law, he voluntarily chose not to practice. Apparently, he felt that by selling encyclopedias he was promoting knowledge and performing a service that would uplift humanity. One day he went to the VA hospital in New Orleans for a checkup and never returned. I was not allowed to visit him. VA rules prohibited children in the facility. As was customary when an attorney dies, a special ceremony was held at the Louisiana Supreme Court to honor his life and we received a confirmation document signed by all the Justices.


Mother was an accomplished pianist and artist holding a Bachelor of Design degree from Newcomb College, a division of Tulane University. It appears her early years with my father were happy times, especially when they learned they would have a child. When father died, she was sad. Unfortunately for her, this was noticed and she was delivered into the hands of Tulane University psychiatrists who began giving her shock treatments, known as ECT. Eventually, she would receive over two hundred, most at the hands of Tulane University doctors. Crippled by the brain damage caused by Tulane University, all of her artistic skills were destroyed. Eventually, after years of torture, the state stuffed her into a bus with other "veggies" whose lives had also been destroyed by psychiatrists, and she was sold to a private nursing home run by a man named Roland Goux. Apparently, funding to build the new "human warehouse" had been guaranteed by the promise that the state would supply zombies to fill the facility. State institutions can hold people against their will, however, private nursing homes cannot. Once I learned where she had been shipped and was able to find her, she said she wanted to go home. Clearly this was her right as she was the legal owner of the home her and her husband had purchased. However, when we went to take her home, we were met by Roland Goux who stated he was holding her and she could not leave. He said he needed her government checks to pay his bills and he had a right to that money which he would not get if she left. I went to the legal aid office in New Orleans to seek help. They confirmed that her state of false imprisonment was illegal. The next time I talked to Goux, he was not happy saying, "Some legal guy called me. Let me tell you somethin': I am personal friends with every judge in this area and there is nothing you are anyone else can do to me." I returned to legal aid. They said they were sorry, but they could not help any more because they were only allowed to operate in Orleans Parish [county] and the nursing home was in a different parish. They also volunteered that the legal aid for her parish would not help me because I was not a resident of their parish. Goux continued to hold my mother in a state of false imprisonment. She eventually died from gross neglect, suffering from bed sores that reached all the way to the bone.


My mother's mother lived with us. She was a member of an upscale church located on St. Charles avenue known as Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church. One day she called the church asking for "help". The church responded by picking her up and placing her in a nursing home behind the church. Possibly, she believed these "retirement type homes" were places of comfort, love and fellowship. It was not long before I received a call from her saying she was not happy. The food was always cold when she got it. The staff were impolite to her. She wanted to leave. It had not dawned on her yet that these places are extermination camps and the only way out is in a pine box. Anyway, the church had registered itself as the "responsible party" which meant only they could help her with any problem. 

She called again to say that the staff had warned her to shut up and stop complaining if she wanted to live. The next call was from the church advising that grandmother had died. The church arranged for her funeral. The funeral parlor's make up artist was unable to conceal a large blue mark on her forehead. I complained to the church people and told them she had been threatened by the staff and suggested they might want to investigate the possibility that her sudden death was not natural. All I managed to get from these stuck up uptown characters was, "Don't worry, Jesus knows all". I'm thinking, "you worthless pussies with all your bible babble - you don't even care that this woman may have been murdered."

I went to the nursing home to try to find some answers. They sent out a Tulane University social work graduate who advised that all their records were confidential and I could not see them and she wanted to let me know I was trespassing on private property and needed to leave. Still operating under the delusion that some level of justice might still exist in Louisiana, I decided to call the coroner. Theoretically, they investigate deaths – especially suspicious deaths. It was then I learned why the nursing home had been so belligerent. The coroner's office said they could not assist me because the New Orleans coroner's office had made an agreement with all of the nursing homes that they would not investigate nursing home deaths for any reason. Of course, the nursing home knew this. They knew they had a license to kill. And, they used it.

Years later, I ended up in a conversation with one of the neighborhood kids. He mentioned that his mother, a nurse, had been on duty at the hospital where the nursing home had dumped my grandmother after they killed her. He said his mother explained she had found her "dumped in a corner and was covered with bruises" and, in her professional opinion, "had clearly been beaten to death". Next time I saw his mom, I directly asked her but she denied any knowledge of the incident. As a member of the medical cult, it was clear that she would lie and cover up for the "profession". Although this woman is guilty of misprision of a felony and the nursing home is guilty of murder, because this is Louisiana, there is little chance that either will be brought to justice. Business as usual will continue.


Because both my mother and father were Tulane University graduates, admission to Tulane was virtually guaranteed. These types of institutions give preference to bloodlines. The future looked bright. The admissions people had commented, off the record, that the confidential statement they had received from my high school principal contained one of the highest recommendations they had ever seen.

As innocent freshman, we had no idea that we had just entered perhaps the most evil organization on the face of the planet. Like the classic Orwell quote, "Ignorance is Strength", our ignorance protected us from the certain death which would have been our fate if we had known then what we know today about Tulane University.

Tulane in the 60's

The Tulane campus was essentially a separate country. The New Orleans police were forbidden to enter. Tulane had its own police and they enforced "Tulane law", which was not exactly the same as "the law". For example, if two kids were sharing a joint and one was a Tulane student but the other was not, the Tulane student would be released but the other kid would be arrested - an unfortunate fate because, at that time, possession of even small amounts of pot could get you a twenty year prison sentence. Not to worry if you had a Tulane ID card - the kids grew plants in their dorm room closets. Breakfast, for many, was just a glass of orange juice with LSD. 

Chemistry graduate students made the LSD in the campus lab. Warm nights found naked students having sex on the lawns. Quaalude parties were common. Even off campus, your Tulane ID gave you immunity from arrest.

If arrested, the police could only return you to the Tulane campus. They could not take you to jail if you had a Tulane ID card. You had, essentially, a sort of diplomatic immunity.

The SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] had a chapter on campus. As a campus organization, it had a faculty advisor which, in this case, was a full professor of mathematics. They would say stuff like, "The United States supports dictatorships all over the world". This seemed strange to kids fresh out of high school where they were indoctrinated with, "Land of the Free - Liberty and Justice" propaganda. Today, we know that everything these "crazy radicals" were saying was true. Anyway, Longenecker, the university president, ordered SDS chased off campus and its faculty advisor fired. Remember, now, the advisor is a full professor who theoretically cannot be fired under the principles of academic freedom. The professor not only left Tulane, he left the United States because, it was rumored, Longenecker, using his authority as a government "spook" [which we will get into shortly] had ordered the man killed.

One day all the male students were rounded up and told they must take a special test to be administered by the government. If their score was too low, they would be pulled out of college and sent to Vietnam to be killed.

College students, at that time, had a different legal status than they enjoy today. Since the age of majority at that time was 21, undergraduate college students were technically children and had no rights. The university was, essentially, a surrogate parent and could order students around much as a parent would. Since the age of majority is now 18, college students today are full citizens and cannot be manipulated as one would a child.

The Tulane police, for example, set up "sting operations" to catch gay students - mainly males. Gays were classified as "psychopaths" at that time and were subject to arrest if identified. When caught, they were sent for brainwashing. Tulane University's medical experiments with gay men are now legendary and are constantly being quoted in medical literature. Some were only locked up with prostitutes but others were subjected to very invasive and very experimental brain implants.

Although Tulane did not seem to have a problem with its population of pot head LSD users, free thinkers, apparently, were a cause for concern. I did not have any issues with Tulane until they learned I was writing my first book, Plan Theory. The SDS people, for example, did not really do anything except educate people about US foreign policy. Information, especially true information, apparently was considered more dangerous than all the LSD, pot and Quaaludes lumped together.

One day, I was pulled out of class and ordered to report to the campus psychiatrist where I was told that I was not thinking "correctly" and would have to submit to mind control drugs or be kicked out of the university. Clearly, I would never submit.

Tulane's information policy, so I was told, worked like this: If you successfully graduated from Tulane, any negative information Tulane had about you would be purged and destroyed. However, if you did not graduate, any negative information would be saved and used to ruin your life. I assumed leaving Tulane ended our relationship. It did not. Tulane started sending personal information including psychiatric information to various groups and agencies. As a result, I was harassed and tortured for the next seven years. The specific details of this are covered in a separate report. At one point, I was attacked by Dr. Donald Gallant [EXHIBIT A], a Tulane University graduate, who threatened me that, if I would not voluntarily submit to his medical experiments, he would go find one of my relatives, get them to agree and then force his experimental drugs on me. I refused and, since he could not locate a relative, my life was spared.

What we did not know

  1. Tulane University's relationship with the Institute for Defense Analysis or IDA

Some of us, including myself, knew that the university president, Herbert Longenecker, a biochemist, was an agent of a secret cult known as the IDA. However, little was known about exactly what the IDA was or what it did.

Here is what we know now: The IDA is listed as a non-profit organization. It only does work for the US Government. Five universities were originally chosen to work with IDA. These were Tulane University, CalTech, Case Western Reserve, MIT and Stanford. Tulane was reportedly the "lead university" of the original team. You may recall that Stanford is linked to the Stanford Research Institute, SRI, which does secret projects to weaponize natural psychic skills to create government psychic spies and psychic assassins. The origin of the IDA is given as the end of World War II. This is an important point in US history when the decision was made to actively conspire to take over the world and set up a global dictatorship, commonly known today as the New World Order. It was at this point that the US established its School of the Americas to train terrorists and groom ruthless dictators to take over sovereign countries and make them puppets or "satellites" of the US.

Why would a big outfit like the US government need private "research" groups to help it. John Perkins [2] explains that, when the government wants to do things it knows are illegal, it creates and finances "private" groups so that the crimes it commits cannot be directly linked back to the government. Perkins, for example, says he was recruited by the NSA and trained to conspire to overthrow foreign governments. However, technically, he worked for a "private" company. So, if the US wanted to develop a deadly biological weapon and release it against the peoples of the world, it would want to insulate itself by using a "private" group like the IDA.

2. Tulane's participation in secret CIA mind control experiments

Tulane cannot deny that it participated in the CIA's secret mind control projects because records which specifically name Tulane have now been declassified. These projects were active when I attended Tulane. Details of the various CIA projects can easily be found on the internet. So, let's discuss an issue that is not generally known. Why don't we hear from all those people who were victims of Tulane. Why doesn't someone interview them. Well, someone has tried. Michael Traina [EXHIBIT A], a psychologist, sent personal ads to all the New Orleans newspapers requesting that anyone who had been a victim of Tulane get in touch with him so he could compile statistics. Every newspaper returned his check uncashed and refused to run the ad. They would not publish anything would reflect negatively on Tulane. This illustrates the tremendous influence of this "innocent looking" school which it exercises covertly to cover its tracks.

3. Tulane's secret experiments leading to the development of what we now know as the AIDS virus

Although it was suspected that AIDS was a designer virus, exactly how it was made and who made it was unknown. Today, thanks to Edward Haslan's research [1], we know. AIDS was reportedly created by Tulane University by altering the structure of the Simian virus known as SV-40, obtained from apes kept at Tulane's Delta Primate Research Center in Covington, Louisiana, using a secret linear particle accelerator hidden at the US public health service hospital in New Orleans. The chief researcher was Mary Sherman. She was either accidentally killed or murdered by a malfunction of the particle accelerator in July of 1964, less than two months before I started Tulane. AIDS has killed over 180 million people - 30 times as many as Hitler is said to have killed. This is only some of the secret stuff Tulane was up to when I was there. It gets better.

4. Tulane's involvement with and/or prior knowledge of the assassination of President Kennedy

Since my father went to Tulane, school yearbooks from that period were in our home. Looking through them, I found my father. However, other names looked strangely familiar. Why, I wondered. I was not even born when he went to Tulane. Then, I realized that these were people connected with Jim Garrison's investigation of President Kennedy's assassination. My father was in law school with them. What secrets he must have known that he may have shared if he had lived until I was older. Fortunately, from Edward Haslam's [1] research, we now know that Lee Harvey Oswald, Perry Russo and David Ferrie as well as Alton Ochsner and a host of other memorable characters including Mafia kingpins were all connected with the secret research at Tulane University under the general direction of Mary Sherman. This means that it would be essentially impossible for Tulane University not to be somehow connected with the assassination of President Kennedy. Additionally, we know from William Cooper [3] that the NSA authorized the assassination of Kennedy (Cooper states he saw the top secret document) and we know that the NSA is "serviced" by the IDA and we know that Tulane is an IDA school and that Longenecker was an IDA agent.

Connecting the Dots

1. Who set up Tulane's Delta Primate Research Center? - Herbert Longenecker

2. Who originated Tulane's private hospital? - Herbert Longenecker

3. What was Herbert Longenecker's specialty? - Biochemistry

4. What is the primary activity listed in the public records of the IDA? - Activity #1 Scientific research (diseases) [EXHIBIT B]

5. What is the primary activity listed in the public records of the SRI? - Activity #1 Scientific research (diseases) [EXHIBIT C]

6. Why is SRI relevant? - It is linked to Stanford University, one of the five universities originally chosen by the IDA


After my "Tulane educational experience", it appeared life was improving. I had been with my girlfriend, Claudia, for several years. She lived with her mother in Poydras, Louisiana which is in St. Bernard parish. She did not want to leave her mother for some reason, however we got together fairly regularly. Apparently, her mother had no clue where she went when she left home. When her mother learned she was pregnant, she became upset and called in the police. They came and took Claudia to the state concentration camp known as Southeast Louisiana Hospital. They killed the child and tortured Chaudia with brainwashing drugs. However, we were able to keep in touch. Mistakenly, they believed that she had been "cured" both of being pregnant and of wanting to be in a relationship with me. They did not realize how strong the bond between us had become.

After she was released from the concentration camp, we got back together. She still did not want to leave home. When she became pregnant again, her mom had her returned to the concentration camp to kill the second kid.  This time, however, I was able to find a lawyer who agreed to represent her for free. The lawyer said she had checked the records and the only complaint against Claudia she could find was "disobedient to mother". This hardly seems like a valid complaint against a 26 year old girl. When I checked with the lawyer again, she said she was off the case because the client had called her and told her she was no longer needed. This, of course, made no sense. However, there was no way to communicate with Claudia until she was released from the concentration camp.

When I finally caught up with her later, she said that the guards at Southeast Louisiana Hospital had taken her to a phone and told her that she would be killed if she did not "call off the lawyer". She said she thought things would be better if she obeyed orders, however, as soon as she hung up the phone she was grabbed, stripped naked, shot up with drugs and thrown in a seclusion cell where she was left for "many weeks". Also, the doctors had found out that I had helped her find the lawyer and had warned her that, if she ever saw me again, they would lock her up for the rest of her life. Terrified of the state thugs, we saw little of each other after that.

Would the hospital have actually killed Claudia. Possibly yes. Years later, I met a man named Michael Traina [see EXHIBIT A]. He was a psychologist who had worked at that hospital. They fired him because actually tried to help people. He said he had learned of a secret project between Southeast Louisiana Hospital and Tulane University. This secret [CIA] project involved radiation experiments on unsuspecting children. The hospital has a children's unit where disobedient kids are drugged and beaten into submission. The secret project involved taking some of these kids on a "field trip" to Tulane University's Delta Primate Center. There they were exposed to radiation. This means that the hospital was linked up with Tulane and the CIA and so had the preverbal "license to kill". The threat to kill Claudia was likely real because the hospital could not take the risk that an outside investigation might uncover their secret activities.

Years later, I ran into Claudia again for the last time. She said she had been surgically sterilized. She said they told her she had no choice. Although sterilization of "defective people" was common in the 1920's, it is strictly illegal today except, apparently, in Louisiana.

Beyond that point, Claudia was sent to a forced labor camp called a "group home". A private person sets up a house in a residential neighborhood. Then they get their hands on people like Claudia. They confiscate their government benefits for "room and board". Then, the people are forced to do all the upkeep on the house - painting, cleaning, etc. - for free. They are kept drugged. They cannot leave. If they complain or refuse to work, they are picked up and sent to a state concentration camp to be crushed into submission and then returned to the forced labor camp. When they are too old of feeble for forced labor, they are sent to a nursing home to be warehoused while they wait for death.

I was able to find location data on Claudia until hurricane Katrina, after which the trail went cold. I can only assume that the psychiatrists have finally killed her after totally ruining her life and murdering her children.


[1] BOOK: "Doctor Mary's Monkey" by Edward T. Haslan ISBN 978-9777953-0-6 URL:

[2] John Perkins BOOK: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" DVD: "Apology of an Economic Hit Man"

[3] The writings and radio broadcasts of William Cooper URL: (William Cooper was killed by government agents shortly after George W. Bush became president)



[NOTE: The book, Operation Mind Control, mentioned above, is out of print but can be found, for free, on the internet as a .pdf file. It's a great book - well worth reading]


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I want to share highlights from my favorite letters. Sometimes, I think back over all the obstacles I had to overcome to present the material that is here on and wonder if it was worth the effort and the personal cost.  Letters like this prove to me that it was:

"I fight the urge to contact you daily my friend as you are the single most influential person in my life.

Thanks to you, and your work, 4 years ago sat in a garden reading a print out of 'TEXT'. A 19 year old Atheist found God. You switched me on to truth and I will never stop thanking you for that.
I just want to let you know my friend, that I am infinitely grateful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are and doing what you have been doing."


"I have read all your works and my life has changed dramatically because of you. I apply the things you have written about in my daily life. I can tell you do not want a lot of attention, but I would like you to know what you do changes lives. Please do not stop writing about the things you know. My favorite is TEXT, IT IS AMAZING! I have told everyone I know about the things you have written. I have even seen the positive impact it has had in their lives. I hope someday to meet you beyond the final gateway, even if it takes me a million years to get there."



Why do the Feds love New Orleans? Why is it their choice for all varieties if nefarious projects you never heard of and probably never will. There are two main reasons: The first is that New Orleans is a dysfunctional city and it is preferred to leave it that way. It is almost in some other dimension. Things appear. Things disappear. People fade in and out. No one notices. The second reason is that New Orleans is and has always been totally corrupt. Everything has a price. If you happen to be wealthy, all of your dreams can be fulfilled if the price is right. It is totally "pay to play". If your resources are unlimited because, say, you are Feds, then you have truly found paradise.

Louisiana, so far as I can determine, is the only state that will allow medical researchers to come in and set up secret projects in which they intend to deliberately kill innocent people to gain medical knowledge. These are the same types of activities Nazi doctors practiced and which were outlawed worldwide because of these atrocities. Before hurricane Katrina, the center of such secret research was Charity Hospital which was linked by an underground tunnel to Tulane University's private hospital and medical school. At Tulane University's hospital, when the elevator doors opened on the seventh floor, you were greeted by prison bars. They called it the "secure bedrooms". What happened to whoever was imprisoned there? We will most likely never know.

Hurricane Katrina interrupted many secret human experiments which are still on hold awaiting a new "safe" place to complete them. Construction on such a place is now underway. It is a new "teaching and research" hospital complex to be operated jointly by the Veterans Administration [which means top secret] and Louisiana State University [the state that allows secret research]. Its location in New Orleans guarantees a steady stream of poor, ignorant people - mostly black - who will find to their utter dread that, although they freely walked in, the only way out is as a puff of smoke from the hospital incinerator.

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