If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed,
and you may lose most of your unawakened friends.
Expect it.

But once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it!
You will have to discover the rest on your own.



FEBRUARY 14, 2021

The Road Less Travelled - I gave this name to an unnamed video I watched and I wanted to share it with you. For those who hate Trump, I'm sorry, but you have a lot of waking up to do! I will not deny who I am any longer, but I will say, THERE ARE VERY GOOD THINGS COMING!

I have taken down my previous web site because more important things are looming on the horizon. Most of the people are still wearing "Face Diapers" (and fighting their fellow American citizens who have not fallen for this crap) nearly a year into it, which tells me that they are totally and soundly asleep, and I wonder if they can be awakened at this point. These people could be described as being in a spiritual coma, and they have no idea of what it is coming on any level (i.e., Nesara/Gesara, med beds, to name a few.) This is evidenced by Americans who think they are the only ones allowed to participate in society (as evidenced by the disgraceful video above). But that will soon change. Here is one of MANY videos I've seen all through this "pandemic" showing empty hospitals. I didn't save them because I really didn't think we'd have so many people who would fall for this manipulation. I was wrong. Also, I have no problem with those who wish to wear masks if that makes them happy. I DO have a problem with those who try to force me, a healthy person, to wear one and thereby put my own health at risk because of either their own fear or because they are tyrants.

It is my hope that the topics here will interest you. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING TO TAKE DOWN! I have tried to present the books so that the various topics will be easy to find, and I encourage you to read as many of them as possible. There is also another book I would recommend to you if you can get your hands on it. It is titled "Matrix V - Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier (The Gold Edition)", and you can get a glimpse of it here, and it is mentioned in one of the footnotes, I believe, but I don't remember which document it was in. (If anyone comes across it, please let me know!) It is unfortunate that many people don't read anymore. So it is no wonder that they are basically ignorant of these things, and it is likely (if you've been awak for any length of time that you have lost many of them as friends because you relate to life on a completely different level than they do. But your goal (as well as their eventually) is GRADUATION to a higher level. It's hard, but it will be so worth the effort in the end.

Many people have been wondering what is going on. They have hints that something big is coming, and they are right, it is. What we don't know is exactly when. However, we are now in "the last phase of the present cycle of ages. At the end of this age, the physical universe (Earth) and the Astral universe ("Heaven") will be dissolved." President Trump has hinted at this multiple times. But he did say, "It won't be for everyone." I take that to mean not everyone will be ready, but perhaps you have a different take on it.

I have provided the information so you can see what has been in the past. What you do with it is entirely up to you. But I do know that when you go on a long journey, it is to your advantage to plan for it and know where you are going. That having been said, the books are quite amazing, and if you do the research (footnotes), you will likely see that they speak truth.

On another note, if you have ever heard "Gene Decode", or are interested in learning more about the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Base) operations, B2T has a section in their website called "Gene Unleashed" where you can really get good, solid information on these. Gene is the most knowledable person I have ever run into on this topic, and probably that is true for most other people as well. You can find some of his videos on Rumble, BitChute, YouTube and other places, but they will not go into the depth that they do on B2T. They also have complete courses on the DUMBs as well as other interesting things, and, they are CURRENT. But, it's not free and I am also not able to pass this information on because of confidentiality. However, I will tell you that it would be money well spent, and it's extremely interesting besides. I can share another couple of videos (and article) however.

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February, 2021


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