If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed,
and you may lose most of your unawakened friends.
Expect it.

But once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it!
You will have to discover the rest on your own.


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You are about to begin the journey of a lifetime, but please get to it because TIME IS VERY SHORT and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you know about these things that have been hidden from you.

Subjects will include: Spiritual Sciences, Occult1 Sciences and Logical Analysis.
(1Occult only means hidden; it doesn't necessarily mean 'bad'.)



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Remember not to focus on the negative aspects. This is for your information only! They will NOT succeed in bring the negative aspects into being. They tried, but failed. Now we have to put things right again. President Trump can't be expected to do it all himself! So put your focus on the positive because as creators, your imagination is very powerful and you will create that which you put your focus on!

These are the lengthier texts, but very important ones. Not only will they make the other books more understandable, but they have fascinating information in them. I would recommend reading them first. If you don't understand something, put it on a back burner, but keep reading!

These are shorter "books" you can read when you're short on time. They average about 10 pages. I will add to the list as time permits. Those shown in ALL CAPS (above and below) are books I consider to be critical to read.

  • Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 (2016) - Agenda Origins; Split Level World Begins; The "Brain Drain"; What You Have Missed; Hacker Evidence; Bielek Nichols Cameron; Experiments in Time; Earth Moved to Random Timeline; The Ones They Left Behind; Barefoot and Pregnant; Extermination Methods; Brave New World Order
  • Anatomy of Evil (2014) - Kidnapped Planet; What a Tangled Web We Weave; Imagination Land; Enemy of the State; Must Work for Food; Profit; The Weaponization of Science; The Nannies; Satanic Groups; The Bluebloods; NWO Models
  • Attributes of the Paths (2016) - Normal Spiritual Evolution; Protocols for Legitimate Administrators; Understanding the Two Higher Densities; Voluntary vs Forced Reincarnations; Black Magicians; Catholic Example; Stable Positive Example - Monroe; Stable Negative Example - Bielek; Contemporary Stable Negative; Attributes and Limitations of Paths; Above Causal
  • Attributes of the Soulless (2018) - Developmental Example; Review of the Purpose of the Creation; Earth Before the Homo Sapien Sapien; Manufactured Life Forms; Capabilities of Soulless Creatures; Hybridization; Trade with Off World Civilizations; Inorganic Life Extension Technologies; Clones; Issues with the Manufactured Homo Sapien Sapiens; Proposed Solutions; Dissolutions.
  • Black Medicine (2016) - The Nazi Connection; Basic Research MK Ultra 1950-1970; Applied Research Montauk and Monarch 1980's; Continuing Research - Project Marathon/Guantanamo 1990's - Present; The Capitalist Influence; Medical Industry Philosophy; Rise and Fall of the FDA; You are Simply "Livestock"; Medical Secrecy Network; "Medicine" You Were Never Meant To See; Socialized Medical Systems vs. Capitalist Systems; Can This Be Changed.
  • Children at Play (2015) - Astral Structures; The Christian Bible is Only Astral; The Astral Deception; Needs of Souls Take Priority; Limitations of Masters; Black Magicians; Aberrated Systems; Karma; Adaptation Methods; Accepting Reality; Beyond Childhood.
  • Conventional Psychiatry (2016) - The Agenda; The Propaganda; Technology of Psychiatric Drugs; Apoptosis Reagents; Reality Testing; Searching for Legal Authority; Where Have We Seen This Before; Typical Psychiatric Operations; Information Disease; Extra Judicial Process; Using Psychiatry to Legaly Steal and Kill; Constitutional Issues and Legal Arguments; Waiting for Tobacco Moment.
  • COUNCIL NOTES - Ten Year Warning; Prime Directive Considerations; Threat Assessment; SOIC Recommendation; Dissolution Alerts; Planetary Analysis; Explanatory Notes; Origin of the Races; Souls and Bodies; Ethics Arguments; Intergalactic Justice System; Alient Interactions; Wars; The Legal System; The Religion Industry; The Medical Industry; The Energy Industry; Collective Use; Population; Psychic and Spiritual Development; The Political Industry; The Economic Industry; Physical Property; Intellectual Property; Resources: The General Qualtiy of Life; Final Disposition: Alternatives.
  • Doctor 007 (2016) - Intelligence Sources and Methods; EMR: Electronic Medical Records; The US Medical Mentality; Medical Records Protocols in Other Countries; Extra Judicial Systems; Guilty by Expert Opinion; Your Doctor is Now a Government Snitch; The British System of Legalzed Patient Murder; Constitutional Issues; Special Dangers for Children; Evading EMR; The American Police State.
  • Empty Caskets (2013) - Medical Secrecy Complex; Living Creatures are Not Inanimate Junk; The Organ Marketplace; Hospitals' Darker Secrets; Money, Money; Your Choice is Irrelevant; The Price of Ignorance; Ancient Death Rituals; Organ Memory References; The Esoteric Side of Organ Transplants; Why You Should Care
  • Endgame (2018) - Virgin Earth; Origin of the Homo Sapien Sapien; Violations of Protocol; Ancient History; Recent History; History of Alien Interactions; Recent Alien Interactions; Decision Sequences Originating in 1947; 1992 Interventions; Galactic Law; The Zoo Model (Georgia Guidestones); Final Solutions and Re-Teraforming Operations.
  • Essentials of Mysticism (2010) - System Overview; The Created Worlds; The Spiritual Worlds; Administration; Cycles of Time; Routine Existence of the Uninitiated; Astral Life; Initiations; Capabilities of the Human Body; Spirituality in a High Tech World; Spirituallty in Unfavorable Environments; The Continuity of Life.
  • Galactic Law (2019) - Origin of Souls; Need and Purpose of the Creation; Structure of the Creation; Navigation; Free Choice; IGC (Inter Galactic Council); Galactic Law; Natural Life Forms; Orphan Life Forms; Physical-Astral Couplet; Science;
  • Heaven on Earth (2015) - The Insider Group; How Paradise Was Lost / Can Paradise Be Recovered; Attitudes; Experiments and Applications; Dangers of Childhood; Leaders Had Sacred Trust; President Kennedy's Warning Message; IGC (Inter Galatic Council) Directive One; Human Livestock on the Hoof;
  • Helpful Hints Handbook (2012) - Planetary Analysis; Your Government (US); The Corporate Agenda; Markets and Money Systems; Systems of Medicine; Religion and Spirituality; Sex Based Relationships; The Left Hand Path; The Path of Ignorance (Mainstream Society); Belief Systems; The Incredible Human Potential; The Righthand Path.
  • History of Life Extension Technology (2018) - Natural Techniques; Mono Atomic Gold; Discoveries Leading to Controlled Reincarnation; Controlled Reincarnation; Regression Technology; Consciousness Transference; Cloning; Genetic Modification Technology; Soul Capture and Storage; Opinions of Masters and Gurus; Consequences for Creatures With Souls; Consequences for Soulless Creatures.
  • HOMEWORK (2020) - You can often find books free to download by searching for them by name and add "free pdf" to it. For your search engine, DO NOT USE Google, but rather "DuckDuckGo.com" which, I'm told, will keep your searches private. There is almost as much information in the footnoted material as in the books. Some videos have been removed due to censorship.
  • Level 2 (2012) - Definitions; Crossover Groups; Crossover Technology; Level 2 Origins; Reality Creation; The Globalist Agenda; The Society of Level 2; Space Exploration; What Happened to Star Trek; Aliens; Exporting Level 1; Future Plans for Level 1.
  • LIFE IN THE KALI YUGA (2010) - Overview of the Yugas; Transition to the Kali Yuga; Stages in Degeneration; Evil as a Science; When Chickens Come Home to Roost; Sophisticated Evil; Theatrics: (Pearl Harbor, President Kennedy Assassination, Robert Kennedy Assassination, New Orleans Republican Convention, World Trade Center, Economic "Crisis", Theatrics in Wars); Great Expectations; Interventions; Change of Basis; Dissolution; Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out.
  • Life Paths for the Soulless (2018) - Overview; Basic Situation of the Soulless Creatures; Upper Limit for the Soulless; Developmental Opportunities for the Soulless; The Belief System Terrorizes; The Catholic Influence; Classic Religion; Humanism; Transhumanism Technologies; "Star Trek" Future is Unrealizable; Look at the New Earth - Same as the Old Earth; Final Destination.
  • MK Ultra 2.0 (2017) - MK History; New Orleans MK History; New Orleans Deep State Links; New Orleans Biomedical Corridor; LSU Section; VA Section; Access and Security; Power System; Radio Communications Network; What is the True Purpose of Medical Research; New Orleans Sewerage System; Covert Disp9osal of Human Bodies;
  • Moving Day (2017) - Electromagnetism; Access to Knowledge; Living Universe - Planetary Spirits; Epochs; Earth Tipping Point Now Past; Top Secret Physics; SCI Fi Used as Recruitment Tool; NWO Principle 24; The Galileo Example; Public Education System; Playbooks: 1984 & Atlas Shrugged; Moving Day.
  • Murder by Doctor (2018) - A Brief History of Allopathic Medicine; The Rockefeller Model; Suppressed Treatments and Cures; A Look Into Legitimate Medicine; Just What are the Hermetic Arts; Path to "MD" Degree Paved In Blood; Just What Are Us (sic) Doctors Taught; The MK Ultra Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana Clockwork Orange Process; How Doctors Legally Murder People in Louisiana; Medicine Has Become a Parallel Government.
  • NWO Progress Notes (2015) - Illuminati History; The Twenty-Five Point Plan; The Missing Points; Just What is Money; You may Have Unknowingly Worshiped Satan Your Whole Life; Just Who is at War in a "World War"; Tneory of Demon Possession; Terminal Ignorance; Global Satanism; The Age of Aquarius; The Final Solution; Now That You Know.
  • Occult Basics (2017) - Introduction; Halloween; Beltane; Classic Pagan Basics; Tantra Yoga; Pagan Tantra; Real Magic; Sex Magic; Blood Magic; Secret Catholic Rituals; Secret Masonic Rituals; The Illuminati.
  • Occult Practices of the United States (2014) - Introduction and Background; Basic Research; Occult History; Remove Viewing; Legal no Man's Land of the Occult; Freelance Operators; Psychic War; Military Occult Experiments; Transdimensional Technologies; Reported Transdimensional Events; Sex in the "Empire of the City'; The negative Hierarchy.
  • Play Things of the Gods (2005) - Developmental Example; Seed Knowledge; Belief Systems; Research and Development; The Abode of the Gods; Sources and Methods; The State of the Art; A God's Life; Managing the Herd; Playtime; Sanctions and Consequences
  • Practical Alien Info (2013) - Master Form Groups; Spiritually Capable Groups; Subgroups for Group 1; Intelligence; State of Consciousness as Only Valid Spophistication ID; IGC (Inter Galatic Council) Classification of Forms; Group Souls; Classic Alien Reports; Non Conventional Alien Reports; Upgrades and Downgrades; Experimental Creatures; Parameters for Deep Space Travelers.
  • Principles of Scientific Atheism (2012) - Defining Atheism; Marriage of Science and Atheism; Pathways to Spiritual De-Evolution; Dead Spiritual Schools vs. Atheist Schools; Scientific Atheism in Industrialized Societies; Directorate Levels in Industrialized Societies; Occult Research; Understanding the Concept of Up vs. Out; Pathways in Technology; Enforcement of Scientific Atheist Beliefs; Who or What Would Qualify as the "Anti Christ"; Message from the Past.
  • Psychic Rendition - Introduction; Definition; Examples of Psychic Rendition as an Abuse (Crime); Example of Psychic Rendition as a Defense (Justifiable)
  • Satan's Nation (2012) - Philosophic Origins; Core Beliefs; Key Secret Societies; Poplulation Reduction Initiatives; The Negative Core; Red Team - Blue Team; Capitalism as a Satanic Ritual; Ye Shall Know Them by Their Works; One Stop Dictator Shop; The US As a Military Dictatorship; Sex and Blood Magic; A Lesson From the Darkside
  • Secret Lives of Doctors and Lawyers (2018) - Introduction; Lawyers and Judges; Medical Doctors; Veterinarians; Drug Companies; Vaccine Companies; Pharmacies; The FDA; US Depopulation Initiative; Coordination and Secret National Policy; The Exceptions; What Can You Do
  • Slave (2015) - Basic Theory; Use of Propaganda to Destroy Spirituality; Use of Other Sophisticated Methods to Destroy Spirituality; Destruction of Family Unit; Regression to Animal Existence; Debt Slavery; Corporate Slavery; Kids Broken Through Education System; Internet of Things; Alien Cooperation and Normalizing; The Hive Mind; Mineral Consciousness.
  • Social Engineering (2018) - System Overview; Areas of Social Engineering; The Company; History of Information Control; Principal 24; Frozen in Time; Engineering Poverty; Economic Slavery; Mind Control; Generation Rx; Activists; Population Control.
  • Standard Procedure (2014) - Origin of the Master Model; Acquisitions; Corruption of Trusted Sources; Infiltrations; Fronts; Programming; Information Theory; The Separation Barrier; Elite Ruling Class; Slave Class; Murders and Assassinations; Money; Financial Axis of Evil; Slavery; Adaptation Techniques;
  • The American Dream (2016) - Origins; Mandate; Founding Fathers; Presidential Scam; Slavery; Secret History Revealed in Sci Fi Movies; Melding with Nazi Philosophy; Consequences of Technology; Your Fate is Sealed; Secondary Colonization Period; Installation of the "New World"; As New Colonies Develop the Value of the Earth Will Diminish.
  • The Empire of the City (2018) - Vatican; London Financial District; Washington D.C.; Black Magic; What is Being Worshipped; Left Hand Path; Population Outside the Empire; Right Hand Path; Fate of the Empire.
  • The Herd (2020) - Defining "The Herd"; History of the Concept; Issues in the Age of Kings; Parallels in Today's World; Modern Day Lords and Serfs; Effects of Technology; Scientific Atheism and Humanism; Marriage of Science with Witchcraft, Sorcery and VooDoo; Effects and Philosophy of Science; Human Resources; Agenda 2030; Architects of the New World
  • The Pool (2016) - Natural Evolution; Closed Loop Systems; Static Systems; Active Measures; Static Technology; History; Global System of Slavery; Maintenance; Special Populations; External Directorate; ESCAPE.
  • The World Controllers (2016) - The Structure of the Conspiracy; The Fifteen Year Plan; The World Controllers; Playbooks; President Kennedy Was Your Last Chance; Exactly Where Did the NSA Come From; Unending War; Slave Management; "This Is All a Setup"; Human Resources; Human Surface Population in a Perpetual Holding Pattern; The Other World.
  • Top Secret Medicine (2012) - Introduction to Top Secret Sciences; Conventional and Top Secret Medicine; Top Secret Drugs; Top Secret Medical Devices; Early Life Extension Technologies; Blanks; Consciousness Transference; Spirit Recovery and Clones; Temporal Reversal Technology; Top Secret Psychiatry; Beyond the Manchurian Candidate; Philosophy and Ethics.
  • Top Secret Psychiatry (2015) - Conventional Psychiatry; Black Sites; Eugenics; Transition to Top Secret Psychiatry; Hermetic Arts; Abilities of Ancient Civilizations; Top Secret Research; Known Perfected Techniques; TS Psychiatry for Functionaries; TS Psychiatry for Elites; Complementary Systems Promote Evil and Attack Good.
  • Tulane University (2015) - Tulane Joins the IDA (Institute for Defense Analyses); The Kennedy Assassination Links; Mary sherman; The Bioweapons Lab; MK Ultra I; Tulane's Secret Radiation Experiments on Children; Tulane's Experiments on Gay Men; The Black Sie Prison; Total Control of the Press; Ebola Bioweapons Labs in Africa; Retirement Home and Safe House for Spooks.
  • Understanding Your World (2019) - Introduction; Current Epoch Original Format; Influence of ET's; Master Plan for the Underworld; Structure of the Underworld; Abolition of Discrete Countries; The World Government; Notification of the Georgia Guidestone; Agenda 2030; Extermination of Humanity; Pole Shift and New Ice Age; Creating the "New World".
  • War on God (2013) - Earth Based Religions; Life Before Technology; Information Control Techniques; Diversions and Techniques Promotion Inaction; Chemical Control Techniques; Understanding Astral Damage; Fluoride; The All Drink from the Same Trough; Blueprints for the New World; A Man's True Worth is Measured By the Amount of Other People's Happiness That He Can Possess and Destroy; Why You Should Care.
  • What a World (2017) - Quantum Mechanics; Density Zones; Constructs in Density Zones; Navigation and Identification; Earth Belief Constructs; Earth Activity Zones; The Soulless Ones; Activity Bands; All Access Procedures; Diplomatic Zones; Dual World Structure; Dissolution.
  • Your Life as a Surface Slave (2019) - Basic Narrative (Fairy Tale); Scientific Atheism; The Surface World; Slaveless Systems; World War II; Born into Slavery; Slavery Mechanisms; Escape from Slavery; First Contact; The Underworld; Soft Kill Techniques; Agenda 2030

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