If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed,
and you may lose most of your unawakened friends.
Expect it.

But once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it!
You will have to discover the rest on your own.


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  • It sure does pay to have multiple browsers. What one won't allow you to do, another one will. Either I'm on someone's radar or they are doing local shutdowns. I don't know which, but I have never had computer problems like I'm having now. For instance, how can you have ONE file on the server, yet showing TWO different images, a different one on each browser? How can a file "work" when you check it and then not be working a few hours later? When things don't work right away, you can now figure out why. I also found out that what I had long suspected is true. My email only seems to work half the time (and I pay for it, both literally and figuratively). I sat here one day recently (about a week ago) and in real time was actually talking to a friend on the phone sending her emails that she never got. Yet, she got all the ones I sent her to another address. She verified that I was sending to the correct address. I'll have to deal with that later. But it answers a lot of questions as to the "why" of things. :(
  • If anyone is NOT listening to the videos, you are making a huge mistake. That is all I am going to say about that. Of course you are free to ignore it all as the rantings of a crazy woman. :)
  • You can't believe anything these days.
  • Happy Anniversary, President Trump and Melania!


  • I just received this a little bit ago. I cannot verify its validity, so I am passing it along just FYI:

The United States are no longer under Civilian control. Pete Gaynor the head of FEMA is as is Christopher Miller and the US Military. Both were put in charge by President Trump and activated by executive order. Gaynor is a combat infantry expert with Marine Forces.

Whats going on in DC with the fema tents right now? Oh you folks are about to be jolted wide awake soon. So now we have Christopher Miller, expert in unconventional warfare, and now Pete Gaynor with FEMA. Christopher Miller is 100% in charge of the Military right now. And Pete Gaynor in charge of FEMA. In the absence of a functioning government, who takes charge??? Who runs America? FEMA and the Military. Who leads both of those? Christopher Miller and Pete Gaynor. BOTH OF THEM put in place by Trump.

So what do you see going on in DC right now? FEMA tents, FEMA Personal, FEMA vehicles, and also National Guard troops, whom are about to become FEDERALIZED, once the insurrection act is about to be unveiled. All in one swoop. Washington DC is going to be under control not by Trump, but under control by a contingency government, run by FEMA and the US Military....

We are in an active Military coup. But its a coup to restore the republic. Its against the fake Biden and Harris Election. Its taken a lot longer than most people would have liked, but this operation was not put together thinking about the peoples timing, of when we want arrests, and when we want things to happen. Its out of Trumps control now, and has been for a few days. Its now under FULL control of the US Military and FEMA authority. FEMA Admin Pete Gaynor takes over DHS as acting head, in-charge of D.C.

  • Donald Trump Jr.: JoeBiden wasn’t in the White House for 30 minutes before he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline & put THOUSANDS of Union workers out of a job with the stroke of a pen. He canceled 1.6 BILLION dollars of Union contacts & 900 MILLION dollars in Union wages. But hey, nice hashtag.
  • PANIC IN DC Day After Inauguration - National Guard troops continue arriving to DC
  • Saw this on Telegram a few minutes ago: "I wish people desired the truth as much as they think they do." I couldn't agree more.


President Donald J. Trump granted pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of an additional 70 individuals.  Original: Error 404 (whitehouse.gov)

Massive explosion in Madrid Spain.


US anti submarine aircraft active - Watching for Ukraine or ex Russian sub activity near fleet.

Penalty for Stealing an Election

Letter President Trump left for Joe Biden this morning.

The Pentagon blocked members of President Joe Biden’s incoming administration from gaining access to critical information about current operations, including the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, upcoming special operations missions in Africa and the Covid-19 vaccine distribution program, according to new details provided by transition and defense officials.

The Pentagon has also rebuffed the transition’s efforts to gain insight into a high-profile arms deal with the United Arab Emirates for the F-35, America’s most advanced fighter jet. This prevented the team from understanding key details about how sensitive information about the jet would be safeguarded, and what concerns have been raised by Israel, which also operates its own F-35s and initially objected to the deal.

Here's a short clip on Biden's Ukraine involvement. This goes back to November. "Newly Leaked Audio Between Joe Biden and Ukraine."

VIRAL: Members of the National Guard turn their backs on Biden's motorcade.

UPDATE from Scott McKay with info that came from an extremely high level source: The U.S. Corporation was officially dissolved as of 12:00 AM last night, so Biden was sworn in as the President of a corporation that does not even exist. That is why the military turned their back on him because he is a traitor. Also, on Yahoo news it is said that the Pentagon will not cooperate with the Biden administration. They are not even communicating with him because the Pentagon is swearing their allegience to the new Republic (the Republic which is being restored). Scott will get into how this will affect the states tomorrow night. BIDEN IS THE PRESIDENT OF NOTHING.

Charlie Ward said on a video (at about 2 minutes in) I watched that he received a pre-recorded video of Biden's inauguration speech 10 hours before it happened.

"Castle Rock" explained

March 4th will be Trump's inauguration date.

John Brennan Gives the Plan Away: Biden Officials Moving in "Laser Light Fashion" to Identify and "Root Out" Political Opposition from Population.<--


Executive Order on Ensuring Democratic Accountability in Agency Rulemaking

Military Task Force takes up position just a few miles off the California coast.

Mike Lindell founder of ‘My Pillow’ says Bed Bath And Beyond and Kohl's will stop selling his products. Cancel culture is disturbing.

Time for @Twitter shareholders to file SEC complaints. Where in their prospectus does it say they would only allow communist leftists on their platform? If shareholders don't restrain Twitter...then maybe we should sue shareholders

Top Iran official Hassan Nasrallah taken out in explosion...

Vice President PENCE is considering resigning today.

As Washington D.C. is in complete lockdown in ancitipation of the inauguration, a prison bus arrives at the Capitol. Note: D.C. is completely closed off to traffic, only authorised personnel is allowed in.

Why Trump will be the 19th President, AND, here is a video (3-1/2 minutes) that explains it!

Chief Justice John Roberts must resign today. Over the past several weeks, Lin Wood has met with a courageous whistleblower who has risked his life to tell you the truth. Jeffrey Epstein arranged for the adoption of Roberts’ children.

Chinese Journalist, talking about Hunter Biden & Nancy Pelosi laptop. This is huge!

Trump Files Abuse of Power Charges Against Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

General Hyten was a scam. Sorry.


Two for the price of one - a very short video and a way to join Telegram!

Here's an idea for lighting (if the lights ever go out): Get some of those solar lights, keep 'em charged, and if you need light, bring 'em in the house!

Bill Gates' Proposal for FUNVAX, a vaccine for religious fundamentalism (I kid you not!)


Kobayashi ADMIN @administrator
7 hours ago

AnonUp.com UPDATE:
Holding off on verifications for now on AnonUp.com. Please tell users not even to submit. Don't want to really deal with people's personal info until we have the process in place. Priority is infrastructure. We are keeping the site moving with an insane amount of new signups. Not expected! Thank You!

Working w/our team now building additional server clusters. Scaling fast. Fun Stuff! Please use discernment in trusting accounts unless someone you trust confirms them for now. We will get to verifications after we build out some of the requested features from user

Choose your vibration wisely!

If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.” —Julian Assange



"An interview with Flynn says Trump will be sworn in. An interview with Juan says Biden will be sworn in. Seems this is part of the disinformation Cue (Q) mentioned. So we need to stop guessing at a time table. Stock some supplies, stay out of the military's way, and let the Good Guys do their job. We have assurances that we will get past this and encouragement to do it together. Stay calm and trust that the Plan is solid. Patriots in control." ~Veronica Wallace, AnonUp.com

Anyone interested in seeing Epstein's "Little Black Book"? If you are, here it is, all 92 pages. Just remember, it doesn't prove anything taken alone.


I found another link to documents. Haven't had time to look at it yet, but I wanted to pass it along, in case you are interested. Go here.



The whole world is watch and rooting for us. Here is a short film from Italy. (2 min. 19 sec.)

These are the people shutting down businesses because of COVID-19 "health concerns". Really?

Six ways to know you live in a propaganda bubble and the FAKE NEWS industry is malicious.

State Capitol on lockdown, barriers up along the street. Guardsmen standing guard.

Someone was kind enough to collect all the Q drops and put them into a pdf file. Q drops.



Here are some links from KelliAnn's Patreon page that will interest anyone who is really following these things. Due to CENSORSHIP, some accounts are now gone.

What REALLY HAPPENED on Jan 6th❓❓ It's pretty CLEAR when you CONNECT THE DOTS.

KEEPSAKE PACKAGE LINK - https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=3QY4CA7U8GS2U

JENNIFER MAC's MOVIE: THE CALLED - https://rumble.com/vcjbev-the-called-makings-of-a-perfect-day-starring-juan-o-savin.html?mc=dvjop&mref=2avwl
VINCENT KENNEDY ANONUP ACCT - https://anonup.com/@VincentKennedy
TAV'S YT ACCT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ6Ivk5As1U
MY ANONUP ACCT - https://anonup.com/@KelliAnnHubNews

New social media platform talked about in KelliAnn's "Pence" video. Highly recommended for those who are interested: AnonUp.com <--THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR SOCIAL MEDIA WHILE YOU CAN. IT REPLACES TWITTER, but there are indications they will be closing new sign-ups soon. (Acutually, it is a mirror image, if you catch the significance of that.)

Neon, Samsung’s AI-powered avatar is world’s first ‘Artificial Human’. World’s first ‘Artificial Human’ – Neon – was introduced by Samsung backed Star Labs at CES 2020. This is the latest entry in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world. Star Labs demonstrated six Neon avatars that can converse, sympathise like real human beings. Neon runs on propriety technology platform Core R3 which stands for Reality, Realtime and Responsiveness. Neon is the brainchild of CEO and President of Star Labs Pranav Mistry. Hindustan Times, owned by HT Media Ltd, is one of India’s largest publications that provides unbiased news, analysis and features on politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Hindustan Times delivers the news across all social media platforms, on the web, and at your doorstep. (Real or Not? Samsung NEON artificial human announced at CES 2020 (cnbc.com)

Charlie Ward has a new book out - his life story! If you are interested in the details and where to find it email me (on the Contact page) and I'll be happy to forward his message to you. Or you can go directly here. It 212 pages and about 12.15 Euros (the shopping cart converts it automatically).


$TWTR SUSPENDS GEORGE NEWS. We will NEVER use Twitter again!


Here's an interesting clip by Juan O Savin. (3 min. 24 sec.) 1/12/21 And this.

Video: Troops Posted on every corner. (Washington D.C.) 1/12/21


Gab and Parler are DOWN; MeWe has a warning to stay off because "they are extremely vulnerable to the Cabal right now...they are on AMAZON AWS (Same as Parlor). EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET TO SPREELY." Wego.social is UP and it appears that Twitter is also UP but I wouldn't recommend Twitter. As for Spreely, I think it is also down.


I urge you to at least sign up for Michael Jaco's and Jay Campbell's "Optimized Tribe" Basic plan. It is $24.99. You can sign up for just one month if you are unsure, or do it monthly or one of the other plans. But "Juan O Savin" will be on tonight at 5:00 p.m. (assuming coms are still up!). You've gotten a little taste of him on the Great Videos page (the one you just came from), or if you've read his book, "Kid by the Side of the Road" yet. Mike says "Juan is radioactive now and not allowed to post publicly anywhere." I assure you, you will NOT want to miss this show. The information and link to sign up (if interested) is on the Great Videos page under his name.

I signed up for the Optimized Tribe today, and was privileged to listed to the webcast where Juan O Savin was the speaker. He spoke for two hours and it was amazing. Perhaps someone else signed up and also participated. I hope so. But if not, I can share with you that he confirmed what I've already heard and that is that things will get a little worse before they get better. He also explained something else I already knew, so it would be o.k. to say. and that is that all of NASA is an occult ritual. Make of that as you will. I have long believed them to be a fake and lying agency. They lie through their teeth!

If you're not prepared with about two weeks' worth of food and water, you want to do it YESTERDAY. Please don't delay.

Then when things get better, they will get way better! You cannot begin to imagine the good things that are coming! Med-beds are one. Look them up! Listen to the video on Nesara and Gesara (Charlie Ward), here and also he's got a section of his website dedicated to it. President Trump wasn't kidding when he said "The best is yet to come!" I heard someone say it will take about two years to re-educate everyone with the truth and even then, they won't be able to catch everyone up. For one thing, a lot of people won't believe it. We've been lied to since the 50's at least. That's most of our lifetimes and the programming runs deep. There's a lot of work ahead, but it's past time to pick a side and do what you can to help. I don't care what you think of Donald Trump. This isn't about him. It's about right and wrong, good and evil, and saving our country. When your grandchildren say, grandma or grandpa, what did you do in the great war, what will your answer be?


VATICAN BLACKOUT: Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking, Fraud (Current)

POPE FRANCIS ARRESTED - du pape François Publié le 24 mars 2020 (April 26, 2020 <--Note date.)

John Raymond, Head of Space Force and the brains behind Global Broadcast Satellite, will soon give Trump direct access to the citizens that no media company can censor. (Parler)

Letter addressed to Ted Wheeler from Nancy Pelosi. NOTE: I posted this earlier and then removed it. It came from Lin Wood, but I cannot confirm whether this is true or not and it may be his account is a fake. So in the interest of truth, take it with a grain of salt for now. However, knowing her style, it does sound like her.

Here is a reason (I think) for all the disinformation that makes is hard for truth seekers to sift through: It's because we're watching a MOVIE, and I think we'll understand when it's over. Remember, this is a MILITARY operation. Info/Disinfo. The Art of War (by Sun Tzu)

VIDEO: Shooting and Storming Of The US Capitol In Washington DC (View Discretion Is Advised)This crowd (as you will see for yourselves) was a mixture of Patriots and Antifa, Nazis, Black Lives Matter and only God knows who else mixed in.


It looks like even his email is under attack, as one source writes "reports indicate that one of the Trump campaign’s email service providers has distanced itself from the president." The Deep State's hatred of of him grows as they know they are cornered! Stay tuned!

State Reports Show 108 Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions, Many Were Left to Die

The attempt to silence President Trump by the left.

Message from John Matze, Founder/CEO of Parler regarding shutdown of Parler Sunday at midnight.








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