If you take the red pill, your current reality will be destroyed,

and you will lose most of your unawakened friends.

Once you learn the truth, you can't unlearn it.

You have been warned.


The 5 rules to AWAKENING 101:

  • Rule #1 - Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design;
  • Rule #2 - Governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will;
  • Rule #3 - The Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, & fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players);
  • Rule #4 - Spirituality & Reincarnation are reality, whereas religions are simply government crowd control measures; and
  • Rule #5 - This plane(t) called earth is a flat, motionless plane, it is not a spinning ball hurling through outer space.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is false." - William Casey (CIA Director - from first staff meeting in 1981)

The Four Main Sources of Disinformation

The 4 sources of disinformation that are ALWAYS FAKE come from:

  • Government
  • Mainstream media
  • Matrix sciences
  • Religions.

These four Illuminati created sources work together to keep society brainwashed & asleep to EVERYTHING THAT IS REAL.

-- Sergeant Major Donald J. Potts


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